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NGD Telecaster

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Trying to maintain my enthusiasm for music making...

I used to work in a guitar shop so I used to do a lot on 6 strings, and while I’ve played bass since 1997, but also took up guitar in about 2000. I’m a terrible guitarist in terms of knowing chords and playing “songs” - I can get along.

I used to have Telecasters, a 72 thin line, and 72 custom...they were ace, but got sold in about 2010/11 as I no longer needed them.

My eldest daughter has a little Yamaha FGjr but it’s at my ex’s now as the school she’s currently at is offering lessons...

I want to record some ideas, so I need a guitar.

My mate is selling a lot of lovely gear - a Gibson Les Paul, music-man JP7, a Taylor acoustic and...well, this...which is now mine.







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2 minutes ago, gary mac said:

Have you posted over on Guitarchat?

I haven’t yet. I was 3 sheets to the wind last night and the post was a bit of a brain fart...

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