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**SOLD** Elrick Expat e-volution - Weighs only 7.5lbs (3.4kgs!) Price Drop to £900!!!

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I need to move this on so price dropped to £900!!

Got a new bass coming in so one has to go. Been a difficult decision but I'm putting this beautiful example up for sale. It and the case are in mint condition. If you've had the pleasure of playing the USA version of the e-volution you'll know how good these basses are. I've had both and can honestly say that the Expat series is as good as its USA cousin but without the hefty price tag for the exotic woods.

The website details are as follows.

The Expat e-volution basses feature the same components and specifications found on USA Gold Series basses. US Bartolini jazz coil pickups and 3-band pre-amp with active/passive and 3-way mid-frequency.  US made hardware by Hipshot. Wenge fretboard with MOP position markers. Solid swamp ash bodies with satin finishes.

Expat e-volution features:

34" scale 4-string
24 frets + zero fret
swamp ash body
satin finish
3-piece quarter-sawn maple neck
quarter-sawn wenge fretboard
2-way adjustable truss rod
Bartolini Jazz pickups *
Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/3-way mid and active bypass *
fully shielded control cavity
satin Hipshot Ultra-light tuners *
satin Elrick bridge *
Dunlop Dual Design strap buttons (Straplok compatible!)*
Elrick Fundamental strings *
Elrick Zero Gravity case

I wouldn't want to post this so try-before-you-buy is welcomed or a meet up within a reasonable distance is also an option.

Would be willing to trade for something of similar value, or less with cash my way. Doesn't necessarily have to be another bass. Let me know what you've got.

Thanks for looking


Elrick Expat 001.JPG

Elrick Expat 004.JPG

Elrick Expat 005.JPG

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Price Drop
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I should have mentioned that the Bartolini pick ups and preamp are brilliant - very musical, allowing subtle changes without being overpowering. 

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On 12/10/2018 at 07:02, niceguyhomer said:

This is a really lovely instrument, I couldn’t put it down when I played it and if it had another string it would be mine by now.

Thank you, kind sir. Yes, it really is a joy to play but needs must, I'm afraid. Don't think I could squeeze another string on to it either! 😉

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18 hours ago, tobiewharton said:

Keep coming back to this beauty. All the best with the sale. 

Thank you, kind sir. It's a brilliant bass at what I think is a fair price although I'm open to offers.

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bought the same model from BassDirect .. super light-weight bass .. great neck albeit truss rod head is difficult to reach (feature common to USA models .. it's a design feature) .. great bridge and tuners and very good electronics package  ( bridge pickup with the right amount of highs and miss sounds decidedly Jacoesque) ... strange that this one is still unsold ...

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Thanks Gianni

It's a cracking bass with great tones. If it doesn't sell then I'm more than happy to keep it.

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