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Audere JZ3 Pre-amp. Been in my Jazz for a few years. Used, but working fine.

These would cost you $199 to buy new.

£5 postage

Audere say this:



Z-Mode 3 way toggle switch

Mid Range Tone Control / Balance with center detents

Treble / Bass Tone Controls with center detents

Advanced LED Battery Meter

Output Jack



True organic sound with superb string touch response.

Extremely versatile tone selection with Z-Mode, Active Pickup Mixing and Tone Control subsystems.

Active Balance or Volume / Volume pickup mixing systems expand the useful pickup mixing combinations.

Active Tone controls have a flat frequency response in the center detents and support both subtle and more extreme sculpting.

Supports single coil and hum canceling pickups. Active pickups are not recommend with a Z-Mode preamp.

The Z-Mode switch changes how the pickups electrically respond to string vibrations. The defaults are 1) Low Z - Deeper sound, 2) Mid Z - Passive sound, 3) High Z - Brighter sound applied to both pickups. Each Z-Mode switch position can be independently programmed into 1 of 9 Z-Mode configurations for more versatility.

Replaceable High Z-Mode loading capacitors for each pickup that change the characteristic High Z-Mode peak frequency.

Low Z-Mode gain adjustments for each pickup.

Advanced LED Battery Meter informs you of your batteries charge condition.

Easy to install in a standard Jazz Bass body with simple hand tools - no wood modifications or battery box needed.

Battery box is not required but can be used if present.

We designed our unique electronic circuits using high quality industrial components.

We build our surface mount circuit boards in house and assemble the preamps in South Beach, Oregon, USA.


Any questions?

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    • By will4bass
      This Jaco Custom Shop bass was bought new in 2008 when visiting New York. It never got used after all so I am selling it. It might be a bit awkward to say about a relic bass but it is like new really. The bass hasn't been out of the case (OHSC) since 2008 and it still smells like a new one. You know that smell: better than any after shave or perfume! 😉 The bass played perfect right away after so many years in the case. I exchanged the original roundwound strings with Thomastik flatwounds (I did keep the original strings that are still like new too) and did some personal tweaking with string and pick up height. Due to the lower tension of the Thomastiks I also adjusted the trussrod a bit so I can say it works perfectly fine. Somehow this CS Jaco feels and plays like a bass that I have been playing for many years. However, I'm not a Jaco or even a fretless player really... so.... I really enjoyed having this bass in my hands a short bit...I made these pics and put it back in the case for it to comfortably wait for the right person to give it the right overdose of playing & caring. Is it you?


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      For sale: one Bassics BPA-01 studio quality floor pre-amp.  Pre-owned ones don't come up for sale very often but if you want a new one then Bass Direct sell these new for £425.
      You can look up all the specs and stuff but the big differentials over other pre-amps are:   1) it is AC powered 2) on the floor with stomp options 3) can take two instruments being plugged in at the same time (like a fretless or double bass) 4) genuinely studio quality   Then there are the dials that will illuminate when activated ...very useful on stage! If you are not au fait with these then I can recommend this review by “Bass The World” but there are others out there.     This one was previously used by David Bowie's producer, Tony Visconti (verifiable).  He's still using a BPA-01 when he gigs but this one came back to Bassics because one of the LED knobs needing switching over, and a new replacement was sent because he needed it back fast.  Knowing its creator, Malcolm Toft, I was able to buy it from Bassics.   It is in very good condition but has been gigged, so there are a few minor marks.

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      Snc 3 band preamp. Used good condition. Volume and balance on one board, middle and stacked treble and bass on another. Developed as a haz labs preamp clone to fit Spector Euro basses.
      All connections on push fittings. Leads for pickups and power for pickups (if needed) are short so will need soldering to pickup wires.

      Fitting instructions-
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      PRICE DROP £250 £200
      Here's the official info: https://lehle.com/EN/RMI-Basswitch-IQ-DI
      I've recently switched to a Helix Stomp for all my effects/control needs, so the pedal board has been dismantled and bits are getting sold (partly to fund a new Mono case as mine has just decided to fall apart after 10 years...!).
      This pedal is big, but has several uses (DI box, A/B switch, dry blend effects loop, signal mute etc).  Mine was the hub of my pedal board for many years.  
      EBS Pedal photo included for size comparison only.
      Doesn't come with a power supply, but accepts various voltages from 9v-20v.

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      2009 CS Jazz - lightweight resonant alder body with the tone pallette from Jaco to Marley's Aston Barrett. Plays beautifully  as you'ld expect from Fender’s Finest.
      Couple of dings as shown, some fine scratches which are are very hard to photograph
      Weighs just less than 9libs on my kitchen scales, comes with certificate, unused case and case candy, Schaller strap locks.
      Sale only please.

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