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Yamaha RBX374 active 4 string silver/black **Withdrawn**

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Now £150 ( don't know how to edit original price)


My herd thinning continues with this, a Yamaha RBX374.

This is a really nice bass, in very, very good condition, plays well and has a monster sound. The two MM style pickups give access to a very large palette of tones, very impressive. Usually is with Yamaha instruments though I find.

The pics speak for themselves.

I'm based near Honiton if anyone wants to come have a noodle, and would prefer the bass be collected. I'm not averse to posting if need be though.

Yam front.jpg

Yam body.jpg

Yam angle.jpg

Yam neck.jpg

Yam headstock.jpg

Yam headstock back.jpg

Yam back.jpg

Yam detail.jpg

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    • By bigsmokebass
      Location- Wirral, Northwest UK
      Delivery- £30 recorded and tracked within the UK. 
      Hey guys, 
      Sticking the feels out for this beautiful, Japanese made, Yamaha bass. I got this last year off @karlfer and between us, have kept it in pristine condition. Everything as new from the factory, including special pickup casing, cat stickers, CD case, paperwork and Yamaha hardcase. 
      Absolutely fantastic bass and put together by an artist who certainly knows his beans on making a modern Pbass (without needing an active EQ!) Some real detail goes into making these basses and the Attitude 3 bass being a refined edition to stand the test of time now for this artist model.
      Recently come to get my hands on my dream BB's and I just can't sit and watch this beauty gather dust and go without use. So I'm sticking £1500 on this and not willing to let it go for any less. Not looking to trade unless something in Yamaha form and sure to tickle my fancy but with cash my way. 
      DiMarzio Willpower & Model 1, drop D, stereo/mono, scalloped frets etc
      9lb 7oz

      Any questions, fire away. No offers. Limited trades only. 
      Big Smoke
    • By fretmeister
      Selling a Yamaha DXR10 powered PA / FRFR speaker with a Stagg cover / gig bag.

      I've been using this for my Helix, but I've recently got some studio monitors so this is sitting around being a post stand for my helix!

      It's in excellent condition and has only been out of the house a couple of times. It's frighteningly loud (1100 W) and is a perfect fit for any modern modelling unit, or as a PA cab.
      I bought this rather than other options because not only was it excellent for guitar use, it was also the best option for bass. Handles a low B (or A) very well indeed.

      Also comes with the Stagg SPD-10 cover / gigbag / giant handbag (£40 cover)  that I've never actually used!

      Full specs are on the Yamaha site here: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/proaudio/speakers/dxr/features.html#product-tabs

      Including the cover I'm looking for £350 collected from Northants.

    • By loremil
      Selling this fantastic Maruszczyk Hellwood 4p (passive) to thin the herd - it's not getting played as much as it should be!
      Great condition, with only a very small mark on the headstock (see photos).
      Collection in London only, please, and no trades. Comes with a very nice Maruszczyk Leather gigbag, and a matching red leather strap.
      Here are the specs:
      Body: ash
      Neck: hard rock maple
      Fingerboard: paduk, 21 frets
      Nut width: 40mm
      Construction: bolt on
      Pickups: Haeussel single coils in paduk covers
      Electronics: passive - volume, volume, tone
      Finish: black, body/neck matte
      Hardware: black, 19mm string spacing
      Weight: 3,70kg

    • By bigsmokebass
      Hey guys, 
      Finally got my order received, including 2 Yamaha BBs, Ashdown CTM head and cab and even an ashdown tone pocket to stay on the neighbours Christmas card list 😉 hahaha

      Obviously, matching 4 & 5 string BBP34 and 35 basses. Fit like a glove, sound amazing and don't break my back the way the BB1025 does. Extremely happy to have these. 
      The ashdown is just pure valve bass amp goodness. Got less watts to play with but compared to my Trace Elliot 715 and Ashdown Touring 220w, I've got more tone to play with and its loud enough for what I need it for. I will be investing in some casters for the cab though, it's a heavy thing and the wheels on the back of the cab are practically useless unless you're 2ft tall, to use it on the 45° angle and don't need to move it sideways. 
      All in all, feel like a kid on Christmas getting everything on his list to santa. So happy 😁
    • By andruca
      So, here's a Yamaha BB-615 I bought new (old stock) 1 year ago from DoctorBass (Burgos, SPAIN), in old violin burst finish. It's made in Indonesia and according to serial # (QNH193217) it was manufactured in January 2007. It hasn't seen any use other than at home. I didn't dig the stock Q-mix 3-band EQ (pickups are too hot and preamp doesn't have enough headroom -at least on 9V- so it distorts if you push the EQ too far -endemic on many Q-mix equipped Yammies-) so I swapped it for an Artec SE-3 (also 3 band) preamp, more transparent, better frequency points and can handle the pickups' signal in full boost cleanly (still I include the stock Q-mix preamp in the case). Solid bass and a total Fender killer IME. Previous to this I've had a BB-425X (following generation to this) and the neck in this BB-615 I'm selling is thinner, almost Stingray5 thin (in fact this bass feels and plays a lot like my Stingray5s, but on a Fenderish kinda'   tone -but ballsier-). Comes with hard case. Asking 310GBP or 350EUR, the bass is in Madrid (SPAIN) but I'm willing to ship anywhere in the EU via UPS Standard for some 30GBP/35EUR more.
      Don't forget to check these SOUND SAMPLES OF THE BASS in action (5 loops of the chorus to GFR's "Please me" playing with the pickup blend in 5 positions, from all P to all J).