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    • By Gillett Guitars
      Hi everybody -  'scrumpymike' here, aka Sales & Marketing Manager for Gillett Guitars!    As those who attended the first South-West Bass Bash I organised in May already know, Michael Gillett kindly sponsored the event - which is how I got to know him.  (For those who weren't there, Gillett design and build the distinctive 'Contour' range of electro-acoustic basses in the UK and are based in the South West near me.) The basses were generally well received at the bash and a few of us (me included) were so blown away that we decided to get one.
      Since joining GG three weeks ago, I’ve shared my passion for this forum with Michael G and explained why I think we should be actively supporting what is the best online community of bass players in Europe and keeping members up to date with what we’re doing.  He’s up for that so we’ve taken a Basschat banner ad, this sponsored Gillet Guitars topic, and are giving members first shot at some ex-demo Contour Slimline basses at a big-discount as a Christmas promo (post with full details to follow).
      A while back I posted a couple of ‘scrumpymike’ topics about my own Contour bass, which were enthusiastic to the point of being evangelical.  Now I’m on the payroll, I’ll be confining my future Gillett content to this sponsored thread — and I’ll try to make it a bit less subjective and more objective / informative.  We’re the only company batch-producing luthier-quality bass guitars in the UK so please give us your support if you can.  And I don’t just mean your money (though that would be nice).  There’s a massive amount of knowledge and experience on this forum and your comments and suggestions will be gratefully and thoughtfully received.
      So, watch out for the next post with details of the ex-demo offer.  In the meantime, here's our website link:
    • By Chownybass
      Hi All
      Lots going on at Chowny at the moment. So am sponsoring a thread to put you in the picture
      We've new offices in Bristol (in scenic Lawrence Hill) and would love to invite anybody who fancies it to pop by and have a play on our basses or pedals. Just give us a heads up when you want to come.
      So first stock updates: 
      Stock in of all of the following:
      Retrovibe EVO Davie504 Basses Retrovibe EVO  Retrovibe Volante Retrovibe Vantage Fuzzster Pedals Pitchcraft Pedals Stock incoming over the next month 
      SWB Pro SWB-1 CHB-1 and CHB-2 (2018 editions) We've added a new video studio and are adding new videos to our Youtube channel twice a week. They will be a mix of things (jams, talks etc) 
      Here is Scott Whitley and I talking about the SWB and how we came to make it.
      And here is Danny Sapko playing on the very first ever CHB that we made.
      Finally we are releasing our new Bassmosphere Pedal soon.
      It's boutique designed Chorus/Reverb pedal. Manufactured in China and sold for the price of £62 (plus the usual "basschat" discount).
      Anybody who wants to come and play some bass (and drums) or just bring your band into our studio to do a song - get in touch.
      Thanks! Will add to this thread as new stuff happens.
    • By BassicsBod
      Just to let you folks know that the first pedals from Malcolm Toft's Bassics have started to ship to UK retailers and have a are RRP of £199. They are made in small batches with loving care.
      All Bassics pedals* and are road friendly …they have a unique feature in that they will work with any power supply from 9-18 volts, A.C. or D.C. and any polarity.  
      We'd love to hear what Basschatters think.
      Visit http://bassics.co.uk for more information
      Bassics Cruncher Pedal
      The Cruncher distortion pedal can be switched to 'hard' or 'soft', with the hard setting adding extra harmonics, and could become a favourite with guitar players as well as bass users.
      Bassics Omni Pre
      The Omni Pre preamp/bass switcher is just the right foot stomp to instantly change from one instrument to another, say from fretted to fretless, or upright. Heck, Malcolm Toft has even done the unthinkable and put in a mix switch to run both channels at the same time! RRP £199
      Bassics Squeezer
      The Squeezer compressor pedal is a studio quality VCA with a sound much like the revered dbx160. The controls allow the player to control the levels of drive, compression and overall gain. RRP £199
      Bassics Tone Ranger
      The Tone Ranger EQ pedal is a three band preamp with sweepable frequencies. The illuminated controls come in to their own on a dimly lit floor! RRP £199
      *Excluding the daddy of them all, the BPA-01 Floor preamp which is AC powered only.

    • By thebassgallery
      Hello BassChat! 
      Charlie here from The Gallery... Since BassChat is where you're all hanging out these days we thought we'd join in on the fun and start our own thread! We'll be keeping you up to date with new stock, shop news and all that jazz.  This is also another way for you to reach us with any enquiries! 
      If you've never heard of us, this is who we are and what we're about:
      We're a bass specialist shop situated in Camden, London. The Gallery opened in 1993 and since then has been London's largest bass-only store. We have a huge selection of basses, amps, effects and accessories (new, pre-owned and vintage!). The basement (bassment?) of the shop is home to Sei Bass, which comprises of top luthiers Martin Petersen & John Chapman. They build wonderful custom bass guitars and offer a long list of workshop services. 
      Below are a few pictures of our shop plus a couple of photos of Sei Basses so you can get an idea of what we do...
      That's it from me for now but I'm sure you'll be seeing more of me on BC from now on! 
      Charlie & The Bass Gallery crew. 

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