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Win A Free Set of NYXL!

D'Addario UK

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How would you like to win a free set of NYXL for your bass?

We are offering five members of Basschat a set each. All you need to do is comment below and tell us:
- What strings you are currently using
- Why you think NYXL might be the string for you

Winners will be drawn on Wednesday 26th September and announced here.
Bonus points for creativity ;)
Prizes will be posted once all addresses have been collected.



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Using rotosound nickel 40-100’s as I used to use them.

What a huge mistake. Just not what I remember.

I had been using Dean markley signature sets, but they’re thin on the ground.

I use d’addario when I’m not experimenting...I think my experiments are done. NYXL’s were ace on a custom shop Fender 55 I had. My 64 deserves them too.

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You beautiful people!!! 

NYXL are tasty little strings, my 4 string Dingwall has a set on (Super Long scale, I had to tell your FB rep they would fit 😂😉), my Warwick is Jealous!! Currently loyal to Dunlop Super Brights, but allegiances could change! 

Gimme a set for my little German Thumb and I will be fully NY'd up. And when they finally have had the life squeezed out of them, I will tie them end to end, make a heart shape from them and make it an Instagram meme to remember! 

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Currently using packing string (and occasionally GHS bass boomers) , but I’m not sure it’s the sound I want, I struggle when they get hot and start to fray, on the plus side the ball of string is easily portable and cut to length.  

I bet those NYXL’s would make my slap sound so much better! 


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6 minutes ago, Kev said:

You beautiful people!!! 

NYXL are tasty little strings, my 4 string Dingwall has a set on (Super Long scale, I had to tell your FB rep they would fit 😂😉),

Truth! The four string Dingwalls are a 36.25" scale on the low string. They won't however fit the 5 string models with a 37" scale length for the B string. Literally, if the Super Long strings were just 0.75" longer - Like "Super Long +" then even my Dingwall could enjoy NYXL.. and Pro Steels etc .. @daddariouk, Let me know when this happens :) 

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Having tried many different strings over the years  I am currently using Sadowsky Blue Labels.  They have great tone and medium tension.

However in that everlasting search for the ultimate tone I'm always interested to try something new.  Maybe NYXL strings will take me to that tone nirvana.  I will only know if I try them.

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I've used D'addarios pretty much as long as I've owned a bass. I've got Chromes on my P Bass, and currently NYXL Nickels on my Grabber and Jazz bass. Love them - definite step up from the regular nickels.

Regrettably I strayed once and tried another brand's pricey "long lasting" strings, cos some chumps told me that they were better. 

But the D string snapped on me mid gig, and I've never really carried spare strings cos D'addarios have never snapped on me before. Finishing a gig with no D string is an interesting experience... 

So I put some trusted D'addarios back on, and have not looked back. 

So to sum up, I'd love some strings, so me and my basses can stay fresh over the cold depressing winter months to come - where the nights are long, and the gigs are scarce...

#brownnose #teacherspet #fangirl #pleasegivemeanendorsementdeal 

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NYXLs on two of my four main gigging basses (Shuker and Shukerbird)...Elixirs on the Dingwall (I didn't know the Super Long Scale NYXLs would fit), and D'Addario Half Rounds on the 'other' Shuker...an experiment which, if I'm honest, hasn't really worked; I think it needs NYXLs to bring it into line with the other two...

I'm on record here as liking NYXLs a lot when I first tried them a while back, that's still the case and they're my go-to string, with the two exceptions above...

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My number one is currently wearing Ernie Ball Cobalts, which I like A LOT.

Really liked the D'addarios that came fitted on my Sire 5 (only my 2nd experience of D'addarios on bass) so I'd like to give the NYXLs a shot. "deep, powerful lows, focused punch and accentuated harmonics"? Focused punch sounds right up my street!

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I'm using Warwick Black Label Strings on some of my basses and LaBella Stainless Steel Round Wounds on the others.

Although D'Addario strings are my first choice for my guitars and have been for the past 30 years, I haven't used any on my basses since 2002, and although I thought they were OK I have since found strings that suit my basses, playing style and sound better. I'm always open to experiment with new strings when I can but it's not always cost effective to try something different on a whim. A free set of NYXLs would always be appreciated, and if I find that they don't suit me I'd be happy to pass them on to someone else to try.

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I used to use D'addario nickels, but switched to Fender flats.

However, picked up a US Geddy Lee earlier this year, wanted some brighter strings that could offer me something a little different, step forward the NYXL's.

Absolutely love them. They give the crisp highs and mellow lows that I've found lacking elsewhere. The bass can sound as alive, or as muted, as I want. They allow me to cover the complete tonal palate. 

NYXL's have given me control back over my bass. 😀

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Currently using Rotosound Nexus 40-100.


Would love to try a set of the NYXL strings.  Currently using D’addario strings on my upright and love them.  Haven’t tried them on my electric bass yet but would love to see how they sound when paired with my carbon necked precision.

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