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Bass Punk

Aria Pro 2 SB Elite 1 "Price Drop £375"

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M25, Jct 9, Surrey. 

Ok so this is a bit of an odd ball being fretted and fretless!!

I have no idea of the true value so have priced for what I think is a fair price. Only my opinion.
This is from 1983, has a thru neck and was originally fretless. In the early 90's I had 7 frets put into the neck. Don't ask!! Anyway they could be taken out or you could fret the rest of it or play it as it is.
It came out of the Matsumoko factory.
It's Pearl white but has aged over the years.
Double coil pup and dual sound switch.
This has a great tone.
24 frets, 34" scale.
Comes with the original hard case.
Good general condition only problem is the vol knob which works but does not want to turn off completely. Probably an easy fix.
Open to offers.

Any questions just ask.

I do not ship anymore, so if your local to M25, jct 9 message me, meet up or you could arrange your own courier.
A couple more Lefties going up soon for sale to fund a new purchase so keep your eyes open.



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