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Hofner '63 Verythin Bass w/ OHSC

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A truly stunning red Hofner '63 verythin bass. This has lived a fruitful, but by no means traumatic existence. It had only one previous owner prior to myself - a bassist in 60's military jazz band. It was sold to me by his daughter in law, in the original Selmer case it came It had literally under the bed for a long time prior to that. 

It was in superb condition upon me receiving it, although I noticed that the neck pickup did not have the same level of output as the neck. So my tech installed a "like for like" replacement genuine Hofner staple pickup in the bridge and put in a new volume pot. It now plays like an absolute dream, and the tech has been begging me not to sell it, but sadly I have some unavoidable financial commitments coming up. I have since been informed by a Hofner specialist that rewiring the pickup could have sorted the level problem. I have therefore included the original bridge pick up and pot should the buyer wish to restore to its 100% factory condition. 


Shipping etc is possible. I hope you can see pics, let me know if there are any problems doing so. Thanks!




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Very nice.  GLWTS

and if anyone is after a matching 6 string version to go with it, give me a shout!


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