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Wiring Diagram - Warwick Streamer Standard (4 string, Single Pickup)


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Right, so I've been doing my head in with trying to find a bleedin' wiring diagram for this bass I've just picked up. As the title suggests, its an old school Warwick Rockbass - It's one of the Streamer models with the single pickup (like this) but in black.

It didnt quite sound right when I bought it, so off came the back panel. I've discovered that there is a black wire that comes from the push/pull volume pot to the tone pot that is linked to another black wire that goes nowhere - I thought it would be an easy job to find a diagram to reattach it in its rightful place but havent been able to so far... Can anybody help me with either a wiring diagram or just tell me where the [email protected]@rd thing goes?!!



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Thanks for the schematic - same one as I've found, but it doesnt say what to do with the push/pull. I haven't a clue what the push/pull does. At the moment it doesnt do anything but obviously the knob in it's current state acts like a standard volume knob.

I've attached a couple of pictures.



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I would say the stray black wire is the earth to the pots and pickup. If it reaches I would say it belongs with the black on the jack socket. If not the jack could have spun round and the wire pulled off.

The push/pull could be some kind of coil split which probably won't do anything until the stray black is re-connected.

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On most Warwicks, the push pull is a passive/active switch, with the passive being when the pot is pulled out.

Your bass isn't active. It looks like it's a series/parallel switch.

The black wire in this appears to be the Ground. It seems to me that the stray wire should be going to the jack socket.

My guess is this isn't a standard Warwick wiring loom. So it's not impossible the push pull could be put in by some past owner hoping to unleash some great dynamic sound. But i may be wrong.

Unfortunately the pickup in those basses are, in my experience, disappointing. If you can find a replacement it would be good. Maybe you can get it routed to take a humbucker? But you have to weigh that against the cost of doing that and the value of the bass. 

If it were mine, I'd solder the black wire to the earth on the jack. Close it up and see if I like it. If yes; rock on!

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18 hours ago, jonsebass said:

Well... after much soldering and tinkering, it didnt matter where it went so seeing as it still works as a volume knob, ill leave it as it is!

Thanks for your help tho guys

The push pull volume knob as stated above is a standard volume knob but with the added benefit of being able to select between series and parallel coils on the pickup - you should definitely be able to hear the difference between the two! the series/parallel operation will not affect how the volume control works.

the only thing that should have changed when you soldered the black wire on to the jack was that the tone control should have started working properly again.

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