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I have recently moved in a nice cosy house with my new wife lady! 😊 Everything is brilliant - but I no longer have room for the three old guitars that I had planned to fix up but have actually just gathered dust in the corner of my room for about 5 years.

I just need all three collected - I'll even pay with a cup of tea / beverage of your choice!

They all need work but they have the potential to be decent guitars - or at the very least good practise for fixing things up!

  • First up is a BM Jumbo 155 (which I think is by Yasuma / Japanese?). It's a Martin D28 clone apparently. It could do with some love and a setup but everything's there for a decent acoustic!
  • There's also an Aria XL-DLX Excel Series (guessing either Japanese or Korean?) which needs some more work! It's got a space for a Floyd bridge and needs new tuners etc but it could be a solid rocker.
  • And finally there's a BM Clasico made in Spain. It's pretty rough and needs some new strings - but it comes with it's own case.

Thanks for looking! Have some mobile phone photos!


















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I'm glad you're a couple of hundred miles away, or I'd be asking you for that Aria and then having yet another project to do! 🙂

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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't logged back on sooner - I wasn't expecting a response for a while!

Yep I'm in Lincoln (UK) :)

I'd prefer to get rid of the lot as I just need them gone but I realise that's not necessarily desirable!

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