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KORG DTR 1000 Tuner (19" 1U rackmount)

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KORG  DTR-1000 rackmount tuner (basic outline/info from the Korg website) re-designed for even better visibility from a distance when you're on stage. The LED tuning indicator moves as smoothly as a needle and there's a large sixteen-segment display confirming your tuning note,You can also use a "strobe" display that indicates the difference between the input sound and the correct pitch by the left/right movement of a light. On the DTR-1000, you can select either "cent" or "strobe" display for tuning.
Seven-semitone flatted tuning: The DTR-1000 also supports the flatted tunings used to give the sound greater depth. The seven-semitone flatted tuning mode provides for dropped tunings all the way from one semitone down to a maximum of seven semitones below standard pitch - two semitones lower than the five-semitone flatted tuning supported by Korg's previous tuner.
Input and output jacks: The front panel of the DTR-1000 provides INPUT and MUTE jacks, and the rear panel provides INPUT, OUTPUT, and MUTE jacks. *NB If both front panel and rear panel jacks of the same type are connected, the front panel jack will be given priority.
Calibration function: The Calibration function supports a variety of standard pitches, and can be adjusted in 1 Hz steps over a range of 438-445 Hz. The Auto Reference Calibration function detects the pitch of an instrument and sets that pitch as the reference pitch. (Accommodates a range of 428 Hz-452 Hz.). 43/48cm (19") wide x 9cm (d) x 4cm (h); 1.4kg. The unit has been rackmounted (enclosed/Gator) at all times so remains in excellent(mint) aesthetic (and operating) condition. £65 (incl. 24h Courier)











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You forgot to mention that the display looks wicked cool on stage ...

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