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Epiphone Jack Casady - Black

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Black Epiphone Jack Casady bass.  Here we have my old bass that has recently been set up by Steve @ HW Audio, Bolton with some nice vintage style flatwound strings to give a great thumpy old school tone.


Good Points

  • Recently set up and ready to rock and/or roll

  • Flatwound strings fitted

  • Comes with a padded gig bag - hard to find to fit these basses


Bad Points

  • A laquer crack on the neck between the nut and 2nd fret.  Hasn’t moved since I got it and that includes having some pretty high tension La Bella's on in the past.  Was fully checked out by Steve during the recent set up and he said the 'crack' is stable, not 'wood deep' and does not need any attention

  • White pickguard is missing.  Was when I first bought it but I actually prefer the look of the bass without it


I know the crack may be of concern. It was when I first bought it of Gary Grochla of this parish but it has never caused any issues and cannot be felt when playing.  Happy for viewing and testing but also I have priced this to reflect.


£350.00 collected from Bolton or could deliver within reasonable distance.  Not looking to post at the moment.


Would consider a trade for a Squier 77 Jazz Bass in sunburst with cash my way


Pics to follow asap

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Will get better pics when the child comes down off the ceiling from blue sweets on school hols :(


finding it very hard to prperly catch the crack so will get more details pics of this as well

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That crack seems to happen to a few of their basses. It looks like it happens when the bass falls forward and its head stock catches something. I think, unless anyone has seen something else cause it.

I repaired one by squirting wood glue into the crack, then clamping it shut for a day. Then i sanded it down to respray it (it was a translucent cherry red, hard to match). But i ended up selling to a mate who wasnt bothered by it.

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