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Biyang RV-10 Tri Reverb

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Im thinning out a few pedals from my collection and have this Biyang Tri Reverb up for grabs.

Its an easy to use, decent little reverb that works well for more ’normal’ reverb needs. Its pretty intuitive and I never found it hard to get useable sounds from it (for either guitar or bass). 

Its well built and feels quite durable and solid. It has mono and stereo inputs and outputs, 3 different reverb settings and an additional ’A/B’ switch to vary each of these reverb types. 

It was bought as a spare, but I havent really used it for anything since I got it, so it probably needs a new home. It has seen no more than a few hours use in total. It came without instructions, just some stickers and a small pedal board connector. I can add a little velcro if needed. 

Im posting this from Sweden, but postage is included for the UK and Europe. 



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    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So anyone got any experience with the relatively new tiny AMT A-Bass and AMT O-Bass tube preamp pedals from their Bricks series, which were just released earlier this year, the two pedals being repectively an Alembic style preamp and an Orange style preamp?
      I am pondering on acquiring one of them and use it in combination with the NUX Soiid Studio that I just bought, for cab IR and poweramp simulation, since these tiny tube preamp pedal doesn't feature any form of cab sim.
      So I am interesting in knowing if they are any good to use primarily as a clean preamp for dialing in my main tone, and what to expect from the two pedals respectively, so I have an idea of weather I should chose the Orange or Alembic style preamp?
      Here's the link to the A-Bass on AMT's homepage :
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      They are quite reasonable priced as well, just about 175 Euro/156£ (Thomann prices, though they only seem to carry the A-Bass in their stock), and the tubes works at proper high voltage too, around 250V to 300V. 
      Edit!!! : Just found these YouTube demos featuring the 2 pedals, and judging from those it seems like the A-Bass will be closest to my personal taste, plus the A-Bass got a Mid and Treble frequency shift switch, unlike the O-Bass, both got a Bright switch though (in fact to me the A-Bass sounds great, while the O-Bass sounds like crap, though that might be the fault of the guy demoing the pedals) : 
    • By Sharkfinger
      Well respected octave pedal.
      couple of marks here and there, all superficial. Seem to have misplaced a couple of the screws that on the bottom but the ones left are more than up to the task.
      That weird foam backing same as all EBS pedals but Velcro seems to stick to it OK.
      £70 delivered or collect from East Herts. Trade for another octave, COG t-16, Boss OC-2, etc.

    • By bigbottomend
      Now £145 inc postage to UK
      X-Blender as new with box - Don't loose your bottomend.
      Mix wet and Dry signals on the fly. It gives you serial and parallel effects loop capability on your pedalboard but with the added features of a pre-amp with gain, eq and boost options, you don't lose signal when kicking in vintage pedals either. "Aux send/return" function preserves the integrity of the guitar's signal. The X-Blender incorporates pro-audio engineering technology to solve the sonic imperfection some effects produce and was designed to be completely transparent. You'll be amazed by the clarity of the sound! A particularly useful feature is the large blend knob you can operate with your feet for fine-tuning fx levels.
      True bypass Can be used in a serial or parallel effect loop
      IN, OUT, SEND and RETURN connections
      Foot switch for Blend on/off
      FX Phase switch (invert/normal)
      Boost Switch (+6 dB)
      Volume, bass and treble control with centre button
      Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 VDC power supply (not included) +Delivery/postage
      In perfect condition  and just used once at home and decided it wasn't for my setup.

    • By JwK94
      Hi All,
      Selling my Markbass SuperSynth pedal, unfortunately it doesn't get the use it deserves and i'm downsizing my pedalboard! 
      Fantastic pedal with great synth and octaver sounds (functions as either), and with the Markbasss Synth/Octaver software on their website you can hook this pedal up to your computer and programme your own sounds onto it! 

      Here are some specs from markbass: http://www.markbass.it/product-detail/super-synth-discontinued/
      £100 ono. 
      Happy to post the item!

    • By AinsleyWalker
      I was wondering if anyone had any experience with running active basses into preamp pedals (for EQ purposes, not talking using things like Darkglass pedals for drive, I know that's amazing from experience!)

      I've always found having some form of EQ (used to own a GE-7B) on my board to be really helpful even though both of my basses are active (MM Stingray 4, Ibanez ATK-305) and I've been really interested in getting the Aguilar Tone Hammer or something similar for some more sound sculpting options but I'm undecided if it's 100% necessary.

      I know it's all about taste and there's no right or wrong way a lot of the time but I thought I'd see what people's thoughts were first.
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