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TECH 21 Landmark 600 bass head, all accessories - FINAL PRICE DROP £650!

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Tech 21 Landmark 600 Bass Head in excellent condition. Discontinued and rare in the UK.
The Tech 21 Landmark 600 is a 600w powerhouse with two separate pre-amps (the legendary RBI and RPM) built in which can be used individually or combined. This is particularly useful if you set up one preamp for a clean solid low end, and the other for a fizzing distorted high end... or two different tones completely. Two differently formatted channels deliver everything from warm classic tube tones to Sumo-sized distortion. This 3U, 600-watt rackmountable bass head features a fan-cooled chassis and is equally at home in a rack system or as a compact standalone head. Its heavy gauge steel case is touring tough. 
With pro features like Neutrik Speakon Connectors (plus 1/4” speaker outputs), a +10dB gain switch to enhance low output pickups and drive active pickups harder, and a SansAmp XLR Direct Output, this amp will quake the bedrock live and in the studio.
  • Optimal Output Load: 4 Ohms
  • Power Output: 600W 
  • Dimensions: 17”w x 5.25”h x 16”d 
  • Weight: 40 lbs

Comes with fitted Tech 21 dedicated rack ears, and original Tech 21 Landmark 600 Footswitch  also in excellent condition. This allows you to SELECT between the Landmark 600 bass amp's two channels, or to MIX both to get serious distortion/overdrive without losing low frequencies. Also has a MUTE function.

NOW only £650. No offers.

Collection from London preferred.

My first sales on BassChat - please see my perfect feedback on talkbass.com ('Swing'). Thanks for viewing.





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Final price drop!
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What a beast!  I have the Landmark 300 and it's an amazing piece of kit.  Incredibly versatile.  This is OTT for my needs, but good luck. 

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I have the exact same amp awesome piece of kit, I have tried various others but have always returned to this.. glws

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Used to have one of these - it was great! Moved to a modular set up with RBI/RPM but miss the simplicity of this. GLWTS!

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On 02/04/2019 at 14:33, TheSwing said:

Hi. Sadly not... am trying to thin the herd out a bit!

Been thinning out the herd for while then 😎

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I'm stunned this is still here.  I had the lower powered one and it was epic.  It's like having a rack with an RBI and RPM and a 600w Poweramp.

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This should have been gone ages ago. Folks have generally missed the boat on this. Old school heft loses to class d. I’ve two amps which have hefty old power sections and I don’t mind the weight. The richness from either makes the carry worthy it. I ogled this 2 yrs ago and still do now! The sheer flexibility yet all we really need are a couple of killer sounds which this does in spades!

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I understand what you're saying, krispn – thanks for the comment. The reason I don't want to drop the price any further is that the head is in excellent condition. Also, the rackmount handles, footswitch etc don't come cheap!

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It’s a great price for a killer amp. If one were to buy the two rack preamps this is based off and a power amp and a footswitch and a rack case etc. I’d imagine this sounds massive into a good cab!

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    • By thodrik
      Various pedals that were formerly on my pedal board but have not been on it for some time.

      I don’t have original boxes or manuals as most of them were purchased over five years and five flat/house moves ago.

       I have priced the pedals per item. I am happy to do a deal if you want to buy more than one pedal. If you want to buy more than one pedal feel free to PM me an offer.
      The price does not include postage. I am in the Orkney Isles so postage to the UK is usually about £5 per pedal when I send them by Signed For 1st Class post. 

       No trades thanks.
      At the moment I can only confidently ship to the UK.
      I can do more detailed  up close pics of each pedal if you want.

      Aguilar Agro: Edit: was £80,  EDIT: PRICE DROP £70 - (sold pending)
      I bought this new pretty much as soon as it was released. The pedal still works fine, but there are scuffs and signs of use you would expect from being used as main gigging overdrive for 5 years.

      Aguilar Octamizer: was £90, EDIT: PRICE DROP £80 (sold pending)
      Really good octave pedal. In better condition that the Agro as I only used it for about 6 months. I do a lot of downtuning so really I have never 'needed' an octave pedal.
      Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver: £70 (SOLD)
      I might regret this, but I haven’t used this in a couple of years. Scuffs and signs of use over the years. I still have the original tin box it came in so I will include that.
      Boss Bass ODB3 Bass Overdrive: £30 (SOLD)
      My first bass overdrive! Bought in 1999 and gigged until 2008. So yes, lots of signs of use. Still works perfectly because it is a Boss. Much more flexible than its reputation.
      Boss CEB-3: was £60, EDIT: PRICE DROP £40
      I bought this in 2006 and have never actually used it so minimal signs of use. Works perfectly.
      Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor: £30 (sold)
      Not used this since I started playing Sadowskys! Quite a few scuffs but it works fine.
      Mooer Bass Fog Overdrive: was £30, EDIT PRICE DROP: £20 (sold pending)
      Funky little mini pedal. Very hairy sounding. Not really used much. Sounds cool on guitar too.
      AKAI Professional Drive 3 Fuzz: was £50, EDIT PRICE DROP: £30
      Really more of a guitar pedal. Essentially it is Big Muff clone but has three different settings.

      Thanks for viewing.


    • By JapanAxe
      The PSA-1 is a 1U rack device that uses analog modelling to simulate the sounds of classic amps. Effectively you can set separate distortion levels for low, mid, and high frequencies. It comes loaded with 49 presets covering various Marshall, Fender and Boogie amps as well as bass amps. The signal path is 100% analog, but you can save settings to one of 49 user memory locations. The programs can be accessed form Up/Down buttons on the front panel, or by MIDI program change.

      The Tech 21 'character' pedals use the same sort of technology but with some of the parameters pre-set to suit the kind of amp they are mimicking. Here you have the full range of tweakability.

      The PSA-1 can be considered a pre-amp or an amp simulator, but it doesn't have any onboard speaker simulation as such. It can be used into a clean guitar or bass amp, or into a power amp with a suitable guitar or bass cab. For direct recording most of the (dirtier) sounds also require a cab simulator device, IR loader or similar. Even so, I recorded the clean guitar in this clip without a cab sim.

      To me, the standout guitar presets are 07 (Hendrix - Marshall), 12 (Stevie Ray - Fender) and 48 (AC30 Queen). There are also a number of bass presets including SVT and Bassman. As is usually the case with presets, you probably won't like them all, so copy one you like to an empty memory slot and tweak away.

      There are plenty of connectivity options including front and rear inputs, FX loop, balanced outs, and MIDI in/out.

      The unit is in full working order. The only negatives I can find are:
      (1) The Up/Down buttons sometimes jump more than one increment at a time (but it's easy enough to go back to where you want to be);
      (2) Some of the lettering has worn away on the rear panel;
      (3) The mains lead is quite short, but it is terminated with an IEC inlet, so just plug in a kettle lead of suitable length.
      I don't have a hard copy manual but you can download it here.

      Reason for sale: I have used this much less since getting a Revival Drive!

      Price includes insured UK mainland delivery. Not really looking for trades.
      Here's a dude showing off some of the guitar presets:

    • By Slug Ice
      Tech 21 SH1 Steve Harris Sansamp - £290
      Brand new with box, minimal home use. Two channel preamp with built-in tuner. Very versatile but maiden fans would be very pleased! Save a decent chunk on a new one (£329)
      Darkglass Alpha Omega - £220
      Versatile overdrive/distortion with the ability to blend between two different voices. With original box. 
      Prices include UK postage. 

    • By rambam
      Looking to either sell or trade for a lightweight Cab, preferably a 2x12, with a min of 600w but anything considered.
      The Amp is in excellent condition and comes with rack ears and footswich, very powerful and versatile.
      The Amp has two separate pre-amps the RBI and the RPM built in which can be used individually or combined, both channels are formatted differently and will deliver classic tube tones to super distortion,
      (think Geddy Lee, Chris Squire type tones), this is a 3u 600w rack mountable head.
      optimal output load: 4 ohms
      Power output: 600w
      Dimensions 17'w x 5.25'h x 16'd
      Weight 40 lbs
      Any questions please ask, and thanks for looking. 
       **please note the tuner and the flight case are not included in the sale/trade**

    • By cetera
      If you're looking - you already know how fantastic this preamp is! The preferred choice for many years of Geddy Lee among others.... a truly versatile preamp for all situations.
      Nowhere seems to have these in stock in the UK at the moment so this is quite rare. RRP is £350 but I'm offering mine up (excellent condition/boxed) for just £240 posted. Only real marks are some slight discolouration on the back panel.
      The Tech 21 SansAmp RPM is a versatile instrument 1u rack pre-amp with parametric equalization and SansAmp technology. This single space rackmount model was adapted from our SansAmp Acoustic DI pedal, with the addition of a Drive control, and redesigned as an expanded multi-instrument tool. With a sweepable, semi-parametric EQ and variable gain, the SansAmp RPM is a supercharged tone shaper for any signal source. Partner it with a SansAmp RBI for the ultimate bass pre-amp system (see my other thread for a RBI for sale), or with a SansAmp PSA for total domination.
      Drive adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive. Active Bass and Treble controls cut or boost ±12dB Mid is also an active tone control, cut or boost ±12dB. Mid Shift allows you to pinpoint your preferred Mid Freq to cut/boost Blend allows you to mix the direct instrument signal with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry. Individual Level control for the XLR out to optimize your amp's output relative to the P.A. system. Effects Loop with Mix 50/50 switch to configure in series or parallel. 1/4" rear input and XLR output with selectable levels. http://www.tech21nyc.com/support/manuals/sansamp/RPM-OM2.pdf
      Payment by cash on collection (Woking/Guildford area or meet in SE for petrol money), Paypal - you pay fees, or direct bank transfer. Please see my extensive feedback thread for assurance of a clean and honest transaction. Thanks!

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