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Overwater by Tanglewood PJ fretless SOLD

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Hi all, tried to sell this a while ago but here goes again!

The spec is standard; rosewood fingerboard, 34" scale, CAR finish + matching headstock (a bit of a ding out of the top - visible in the photos), controls are vol/bal/tone, weight is 4.2kg, and it even has the plastic covering still on the pick guard!
The bass has been professionally set up, with a new nut too, and has a comfy low action. As you can see (I hope) from the pictures the higher up the neck the defret work is a bit messy, but it gets much neater the nearer the 'money' end. This doesn't affect the sound as the fingerboard has been sanded down well, and could be coated with epoxy to get even more 'mwah'. Currently got on labella nickel rounds.
These are fantastic instruments for the money, and I could ship in a (used but solid) protection racket case. For local pickup without case I could knock off a few quid ;) 

I hope this seems like a reasonable price, but I'm open to opinions from everybody here.  
If you'd like any more details please get in touch,






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Thanks. I'd love to have a go on it but distance is too far and it's best to play before you buy. Shame! Good luck with the sale. 

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I had a fretted one.  I should have kept it, it punched well above its weight.  GLWTS!

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