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And SOLD! Very Nice Bitsa P Bass. Quality Build

Studio GC

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This was my main bass for many months...until I started preferring my Casady for my 60's cover band. I've been hanging on to it because I honestly have not had a P Bass that sounds or feels better (and I've owned plenty of nice P basses!).

This was put together by The Brig here on this site, and if follow what he builds and sells you'll know it's some good stuff.

The neck is jazz width (Allparts) but with a nice deep back to it. For me it fits like a glove. It also has (import) hipshot ultra light tuners which balances the bass nicely. 

The body is a genuine Fender (Alder) replacement body.

Pick Ups are Custom Fender Custom Shop '62 (Fantastic sound out of these).

Scratch guard is gold anodised which of course gives the bass that classic 50's look.

Bridge is high mass (not sure of the make)

Hardware has been slightly aged to take the sheen off and give the bass more of a classic look.

Cavity's has been fully shielded and grounded. 

Weight: 3.73kg (8.2 lbs)

Strap buttons are Schallers. And I also forgot to mention that one of the scratch plate screw holes doesn't line up and the screw is held in with blue tack.


Link for photos:




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