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NOW SOLD 1973 Yamaha SB-35 bass 31.5" scale

Paul S

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Still in two minds about selling this as I will never see another but there we are.  Moved to 5 string basses and unlikely to go back to 4.

This is a 1973 Yamaha SB-35 bass.  There is very little information around about these, mainly some research done by a chap a few years ago who posted a few bits here and there.



More recently here:


It is basically a bass equivalent of the SG shaped guitars as used by Santana et al.  Passive, single pup, vol and tone.  A beautifully proportioned double cutaway Katsura body, maple neck, rosewood board.  I bought it from a pro musician named Gary Hurlstone who bought it new in 1973 and used it to record, tour etc.  In the ensuing years it has acquired much mojo - even a fag burn on the headstock!  It just oozes character.  Better than that, it sings - has a voice all of its own.  8.5lbs, 40mm at the nut, 31.5" scale neck with 20 frets, access to which is superb because of the double cutaway.  New hand-carved bone nut as the original had a very odd string spacing.  Also I replaced the bridge with a Gotoh 201 as I found the original uncomfortable - both original items will be included with the sale.  If I were to keep it I would change the tone pot as fully closed to fully open is a short movement, the rest doesn't seem to do anything.  I'd probably string it with flats - I never got around to it but imagine it would be sooo sweet!  

£500 firm, no trades, thanks.  My preference would be if it were collected from SS7, meet half-way or possibly delivered for fuel within reason.  I am prepared to courier it to mainland UK - fully insured overnight UPS via Interparcel would be £45.  It doesn't come with a hard case but I will double box it.  Happy to send it further afield but you will need to arrange your own courier.











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Wow - that is rare! Are you sure you should be selling this one Paul?
As you say, you may never see another....
Have a free bump, in any case

PS. How much for that rug? lol :)

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Thanks Marc. :)  No interest so far so to doesn't look like it is going anywhere in a hurry!

The rug - hmm, love that rug.  Original 'vintage' 80s Habitat, bought new....  

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Yeah, it IS great!  :)   Just put my ruler alongside it - at the 12th fret the E is about 3.5mm and the G around 3mm.  That is how I got it back after I had the work done and I haven't ever felt the need to change it.  That includes the truss rod - I haven't touched it so have no idea.  At the moment the neck is pretty much dead straight.

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