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20 hours ago, drTStingray said:

I continue to watch this thread with interest - I have three or four questions/points-

1) Whilst understanding that speaker response has a big role how much does the amp voicing play? So my LM3 has a bass control centred on 40 hz - there are two filters (which I've tried but never use). However a Little Marcus of the same power has its bass control centred on 65 hz - presumably to his spec and bass type - I'm curious to try one if these if only to hear the difference - but the LM3 seems to work great with my Musicman basses

Let me have a crack at the first of your Qs (not least 'cos my hijak of the thread has more than had it's fair run!) 

My understanding is that most power amps are full range i.e. cover all the bass audible / human hearing range of 20Hz to 15kHz+ (not sure many of us (certainly male bass players) will be able to hear much above 15kHz).

The EQ centring on the amp then allows you to boost / cut at the centred points. Definitely important - but if it's lacking on your amp it should be something that can be addressed with a separate EQ pedal, preamp / EQ pedal or active bass EQ. Whereas a cab's tonal response and colour is going to more 'baked in'. So choice of a good cab is going to be just as important (arguably more?) in your signal chain than choice of amp.

Some amps allow you to vary the EQ centre points e.g. Mesa D800+; GM800 and DG M900 all allow variation of the low mid and high mid centre points. The LM3 doesn't have that flexibility (but fair enough given the relative pricing). The new Little Marcus range I think has a more useful EQ, in particular as it has addressed the big 'hole' in the LM3's EQ between 800Hz (high mid) and 10kHz (treble).

I actually find that the active EQ on my basses often have as much, if not a bigger, impact than the EQ on my amps.

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