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Guys, I've got the one the pic (with the neck pu cover added) and they are stuning pieces. NOT for sale, btw...

I tried a few 5 strings in Brian's shop near Nashville: the neck is wide enough to slap as if it was a 4, but the thickness is much more a J than a P (being hand-made one neck may be slightly different from another, but in general that's what they are).

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So wish I had the money and/or a 4 string to trade, these things look and sound fantastic and I know this is a bargain price as I have been GAS-ing over these for a while now. Check out youtube for videos of some Lowend players demonstrating their abilities. Anyone who gets their hands on this will be getting a lot of bass.

Good luck, just wish I could take it off your hands.

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[quote name='Yessikris' post='376830' date='Jan 11 2009, 03:20 PM']Isn't this a early prototype bass?[/quote]

Yep, quite different from their current models - according to the very friendly Brian Barrett who makes them ;)

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I have a possible trade deal, but I will keep you informed.

[quote name='zeb_bass' post='378592' date='Jan 13 2009, 07:36 AM']Hi rockinbassman,

I did send you an email. I really want to buy that Bass! Please drop me a line so we can finalize the deal.

Zeb Gottschalk
Funk is what you don´t play![/quote]

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Since you bump´d it up.

I assume you still have some interest selling the LowEnd Jazz.

I did send you email and PM, but you don´t seem to care to come back to me. ???

Anyways, once again I tell you: I will buy this Bass!!! (unless the truss rod is severly f***ed up or something...)

I can arrange for money transfer immediatly or personal pickup within a few days....

Let me know what keeps you from answering my questions and finally closing the deal.


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