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Bass Player Required for North London Blues, Funk, Soul and Rock Trio


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Looking for a blues/jazz/funk influenced bass player to replace me with my current band, the Ravi Rajani Bandhttps://soundcloud.com/ravirajani

Ravi is an exceptional blues player, who does the Robben Ford things, mixing the Blues and that jazz thing. He's busy writing his own songs that I may say are of a professional standard and he's only going to get better! The band is currently gigging 2 sets, 1 of originals and the others, Blues standards. 

Now joined by an awesome, swinging drummer this band can really go places. Unfortunately, I've got another project that is more closer to my heart so I've made the decision to more on. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for a player who's based in North London (free band rehearsals in Wood Green) to work with the band to take it to the next level.

He could possible be interested in deps who can read the dots.

Anyone interested, let me know. I'll put you in touch.



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Hello my names Matthew, I am a professional bass player with BV's. If you are still looking a bass player then i am available and always interested in new ventures and am moving around the 7 sisters area so really close. I listening to the soundcloud and really like the direction and would like to come and try out.

Could you let me know what your goal, 

Is the aim gig wise to do quantity or quality? (aim per month)

Rehearsal day/frequency/location?

Ideally touring or static?

Gigs paid vs unpaid? (whats the expected typical fee)

Gig dates already penciled/confirmed? 

How would you like this project to be viewed. Is this your band ie you are you writing the material and employing musician to learn the parts and paying them for the live performances, or are your forming a band where things are divided? (obviously I can hear there has been a lot of time into this already)

Here is my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MRoxfordBass/.  

Here is a short cut to a video, there are more on my FB page. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkImJNcGm2c&t=1s Thanks, I look forward to your response. 





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Hi Shadowlka,

My name is Mario, I listened to your tunes on Soundcloud, would like to audition for the role of the bass player if it is still going, I live in North London N4.

Below are a couple of silly ideas of mine just to give you guys a taste of some of the music I do.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards Mario

Bass demo 1.wav


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