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Korg Pitchblack Tuner

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Kork pitch black tuner in great condition. Boxed and has just had a new switch. Feels Brand new! 

£45 posted anywhere in the UK 




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    • By SumOne
      Edit- sale withdrawn.
      Tuner: Korg Pitchblack Mini. £40
      Perfect condition, only a couple of months old with home use. Boxed (will add photo of that later).
      Twickenham pickup or postage at buyers cost.
      I'm selling a lot of Pedals (Pictured below, each has their own advert) so can do discounts if you're buying more than one. 

    • By Bass Wielder
      Various bass and guitar parts:
      priced individually and shipping not included. 
      Collection from Aylesbury possible....

      Bridges and plates;)
          1.    Gold ABM 5 string bass, 18-22mm, 3 screws, W101 x  D60mm £75
          2.    Gold Hipshot 5 string bass 18-22mm, £95
          3.    Gold (PW) 5 string bass, 18mm, 4 screws, W95 x D60mm £45
          4.    Gold 5 string bass,18mm, 6 screws, W99 x D50mm  (SOLD)
          5.    Pewter (chrome) 6 string bass, 16mm, W108 x D60mm £45
          6.    Chrome 5 string bass, 19mm, 5 screws,W110 x D55mm (SOLD)
          7.    Chrome 4 string bass, 19mm, 5 screws, W80 x D44mm £8
          8.    Chrome Bass bridge plates (one 5 string, two 4 string) £8
          9.    Chrome 4 screw neck plate, 57 x 70mm, screw spacing 45 x 58mm £5 (SOLD)
          10.    Gold 4 screw neck plate with plastic holder, 64 x 52mm, screw spacing  38 x 52mm £5
          11.    Gold jazz bass control plate £10
          12.    Chrome Guitar telecaster bridge (6 string) x 2, with pickup plate. &10 each
          13.    Chrome Badass guitar (6 string) bridge x 3, £ 15 each (SOLD)
          1.    Double bass tuner set x 4, £25
          2.    Chrome bass  (gotoh style) 3 bass and 2 treble £5 eac
          3.    Gold bass (gotoh style) 2 treble and 1 bass, £5 each
          4.    Pewter Grover (gotoh style) bass tuner, 1 bass side, £5
          5.    Black Warwick bass (gotoh style) tuner, 1 treble side, £5
          6.    Chrome Schaller M4S bass tuners (copy)x 3, two bass side, one treble side, £10 (SOLD)
          1.    Bass Humbucker set, 101 x 36mm, screw holes 95mm. £20
          2.    Jim Cairnes 5 string jazz bass pickup set, screw holes 40mm. £55
      They are each the same size: L90mm, W20mm, D18mm, screw holes L40mm and W23 (center to center).
      The plastic tubes are for mounting (it goes between the screw top and pickup screw hole (Cairnes’ design idea that works). Or you can fit into a pickup housing. 
          3.    Jazz bass pickup set, 7.39k ohms and 7.12 k ohms, both L93 x  W19 x H19mm, screw holes 40mm, three wires. £20
          4.    Jazz bass pickup set, 10.44 and 10.66 k ohms, both L93 c W19 x H23 mm, two wires. £20



    • By chrisaxe
      Boss TU-2 Tuner for sale. Lots of scratches and scuffs from years of use, but fully working. The screw to access the battery compartment is a little stiff, but again fully working. Velcro on the bottom.
      £45 posted within the UK. Now £35 posted within UK.

    • By Marky Screen
      Classic bass synth pedal from Korg.
      Not getting much use these days so looking to go to a new home.
      Loads of cool interest sounds, 9 different waveforms.
      Great tracking. Stores 9 presets.
      Bit of cosmetic wear but working fine.
      Velcro attached to the bottom.
      Price includes UK postage.

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