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Fender PJ Mustang pickguard - white pearloid

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So... I made this pickguard! I ordered a white pearloid pickguard for my PJ Mustang, but it took about four weeks to arrive. In the interim I made my own pickguard from a white pearloid blank, using hand tools all the way.




I produced the bevel by mounting a Stanley blade at 45 degrees and running it around the edge of the pickguard, a little at a time. I coloured the edge in with a permanent marker, and stopped scraping once all the ink was removed and the black layer was an even width.




I hand cut/dug the counter-sinking for each pickguard screw:


The pickup route was the trickiest bit.

In place on my Mustang bass, and it fits:




Alas my WD Music has shown up, so I don't need this. For half the cost of the WD pickguard you can have my DIY creation!

My only caveat is that to fit it to my Mustang I had to loosen off the pickups and then re-seat them in the bass. Not sure why, but the pickups mount with two screws per pickup half, and they sit on black foam. Therefore they have a bit of travel to them.

Postage would be about £2 from Edinburgh, or you can collect/meet up if you live here!




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I have a warped pickguard on my Mustang so looking to change it. If you have this one still available, would you consider sending to Sweden?


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12 hours ago, itsalwaysyou said:


I have a warped pickguard on my Mustang so looking to change it. If you have this one still available, would you consider sending to Sweden?



Absolutely! I also have a clean, stock mint-green Fender PJ Mustang pickguard if you want?

Drop me a PM and we can sort something out!




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    • By BrunoBass
      I’m moving on my MIM Fender Precision Bass. It’s a 2005/6 model according to the serial number and is totally stock. It’s in excellent condition. Never gigged, only ever used at home. It’s in my way as I’m not playing much these days. 
      Nice satin neck, nut width is approximately 42mm and it’s a nice chunky profile. On my bathroom scales it’s 4kg dead. The white scratch plate has aged nicely to a kind of faded parchment and the dark blue slightly metallic paint is spotless. 
      No gig bag but I do have a sturdy bass box that a Squier came in for transporting. I’d rather meet up, not keen on sending. I’m centrally located (I live about a mile from M40 J11) but am often in the Midlands and northern Home Counties. I’m happy for you to arrange your own courier if you prefer and I’ll pack it well in said box. 

    • By dazaudio
      Sadly selling a few basses.
      I got this P-Bass in mid 2017. Only been used a few times at home. In excellent condition with original hard case.
      Sounds and feels great!
      Let me know if you have any questions.

    • By bassfan
      Ok. I’m selling this bass not to downsize but I want to buy the same bass! Yes, lockdown madness has kicked in.... this beautiful natural Marcus Miller jazz is very close in looks to my Sadowsky (see pic side by side- the Sadowsky’s not for sale!) and I’d absolutely love @AndyTravis white MM. If Andy’s sells this WILL be withdrawn from sale  
      This Bass is a 2007-2010 Japanese model. It’s got a super fast neck, and is in great condition. There’s a couple of marks on the headstock but nothing major (see pics), nothing that I can see on the body and the usual swirling on the pickguard. The neck is very slim and the pre amp is monsterous! You also have a passive option but why you’d want that is anyone’s guess! It’s weighing in on a manual set of scales at around 9.5lbs. It has a generic gig bag. 
      Shipping is a possibility but would be at your cost and you’d need to arrange. I’m happy for a socially distanced meet or collection.
      Any questions feel free to shout! 

    • By BaggyMan
      Parts list
      Bone white Fender 2010 vintage USA made body (through strung so ‘may’ be Elite or professional series)
      Lindy Fralin pickups. Bridge pickup rewound by bare knuckle pickups to LF spec.
      CTS pots and cloth wiring
      Mighty Mite Fender licensed neck, ebony board with additional fret position marker on upper side.
      Generic through strung bridge

      I started this bass about 10 years ago, building it up, and swapping in/out choice parts as they become available.
      I have had a couple of necks on there and it has never disappointed, great playing bass. In the last couple of year it has been set up with a mighty mite fretless neck.
      The neck is second (third..maybe fourth who knows..) hand and seen some action, I refinished it in Nitro and it plays really nicely although the truss rod is now quite tight. So not perfect but good to go. Doesn’t affect playability or setup, but pointing it out for clarity. The fret position markers have been added and ar only visible from the top

      The body is in good overall condition, few dints but nothing major. The Lindy Fralins are classic jazz style (as opposed to super hot). Cavities are shielded etc and there is no discernable 60Hz issues. All in all a lovely instrument

      Selling at cost of parts price basically (these trying times being what they are …) as a playing fretless, or whip the neck off and go fretted, both would give you a great playing bass.

    • By colleya
      Took this in trade earlier this week, it's everything I'm looking for,  but spending time with it has confirmed that I really am a 5 string player.  It pushes all my buttons but I keep hitting the wrong strings!
      P/J config - vintage P pickup, Seymour Duncan J pickup for extra hotness. Pickup toggle switch. Blizzard pearl finish, like a pearlescent aged oly white.  Looks amazing. Modern C shape neck. Rosewood neck with pearloid block inlays. '12' inlay at the 12th fret. Hipshot D tuner. Black hardware. TBX tone circuit - acts as a normal control from 0-6 o'clock, then as a bass/treble boost from 6-12. Skull & crossbones neck plate - no garish sig model branding. Made in 2019 and bought in 2020, this bass is only a few months old and has barely left the house due to lockdown.  It's in great condition, I've given it a good once over and the only thing I can see is a bit of pick rash on the guard.  The finish is pristine. Weight is about 4.1kg using the bathroom scales method.
      No trades thanks, unless you've got a Barefaced Four 10 plus some cash.
      Collection from Sale, South Manchester. Postage available in a generic gig bag & box at buyer's cost & risk.

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