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Vendo Marleaux Consat Custom 5 Ebony Macassar

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I sell this bass well known to everyone. It is a cannon as it sounds and how comfortable it is.
Manufactured in November 2010.
Mahogany body
Ebony top of Macasssar
Mastil Bolt On with Ebony tuning fork
Gold Hardware
Clamps Schaller custom made Marelaux
Marleaux 3 band equalizer
Active passive
Delano SBC Humbucker Pickups
Weight Approx 4,1kg Marelaux strings set.
Perfect condition. Some slight mark on the back by the belt very little appreciable.Include a cover
Its price 1700 GBP, carriage paid by the buyer.IMG-20180208-WA0005.thumb.jpg.960ebea0e50a67eee42337a5fa5a4788.jpgIMG-20180208-WA0003.thumb.jpg.e73c5e761fcac5f8d7f23dc8f894eab7.jpgIMG-20180208-WA0002.thumb.jpg.d904f8464cb9035537c0f59c65447d70.jpgIMG-20180208-WA0001.thumb.jpg.99d2e909f113254f54be7563dd2d72e9.jpgIMG-20180208-WA0000.thumb.jpg.a35e4663f3ae26e6a6f26b3741be43e4.jpg

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1 hour ago, PACORIOS said:


Congratulations. You've earned it ...

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10 hours ago, Happy Jack said:

Congratulations. You've earned it ...

tis a shame really as I would like to buy this bass but im really only interest in a seller who at least works part-time.

oh well, my search continues...

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