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Hello everyone,

I'm a Turkish bass player moving to Birmingham, UK in 15th of May. I was told in London (Denmark St.) last week to join Basschat and I'm veryglad to be here ;) 

I have two custom Bass Collection JZ-4 jazz basses equipped with Bartolini's, Nordstrands etc, a six string custom made fretless, an NS Design 5 string upright, a good variety of pedals and Mesa Boogie Titan v12 head with Mesa cabs.

I have produced several records in rock, pop, singer songwriter and ethnic fusion genres. I toured all over Turkey and some of Europe/Asia with various bands for 20 years.

I'm mostly into Rock, Ethnic, Fusion and Pop and will be looking for a touring/recording band to join and commit. I'm also up for recording sessions in the UK.






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Good evening, BB, and ...


Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.

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