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JoinMyBand Cracks Me Up!!!

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My one experience with JoinMyBand being a drummer that did not turn up, arranged an audition, text the guy the morning of the audition giving clear instructions to find the place , no response an hour later it became clear that the guy was not going to show up. 

Looked on his profile and he was posting responses to pretty much everyones adverts on JoinMyBand so I suspect he probably did the same thing to a few other peoples bands, I made a point to reply to my ad stating "no timewasters please "    Sadly it seems a lot of people like the idea of being in a band more than the reality of it

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Posted (edited)
On 17/04/2018 at 13:09, borntohang said:

There's tonnes of flaky musicians, the bar is just set pretty low for vocalists because for most musical contexts you rarely need much beyond half an ear for pitch, an inflated sense of self-worth, and perhaps an SM58 if you don't fancy sharing crusty saliva with every other musician in town. There's a million flaky guitarists with an acoustic sat in their room playing wonderwall, but they aren't getting out gigging any time soon (sadly the increase in open mics has also led to this not being quite as true as it may have been a few years ago...).

There's also a massive gaping chasm between kareoke singers and actual vocalists who understand all the other bits of talent and stagecraft that go into being a performing singer. My personal Voight-Kampff test at auditions is asking them to sing harmony behind someone else - I'm by no means a great singer, but I can improvise a basic thirds/fifths harmony on a tune by ear, so they can't do it then they've not spent much time playing with other people, don't have much of a grasp of melody, and you're likely to be in trouble a bit further on down the road. 

The harmony thing is a good one. I'm really lucky as the 2 girls who sing in our band (lead vocals and guitar+bv) are really excellent, do great harmonies, help carry the gear AND buy their share of rounds!

I've just googled Voight-Kampff....wasn't aware that's what it was called. Good name for an arty electronica band!

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just cos

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