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Oops! I Embraced The GAS (again).

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I finally succumbed to buying a new acoustic guitar. Fortunately, I resisted the extremely expensive Gibson version of this (only 10 times more expensive!). However, I did try the Sigma version (twice the price) and it was easily the equivalent of the Gibson. If I'm ever in the market for a premium grade acoustic, then Sigmas are going to be my first port of call.


Anyway :useless: , I give you Sally (a friend said the bridge reminded him of Dali's tash, so Sally it is)...


Great pick up system on this, both piezo and magnetic. Sounds really good through an electric amp.

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I like that. Very Moustache esque bridge but looks killer. I was looking at the Epiphone Hummingbird as my first foray into acoustics but this looks equally nice.

Happy NGD!

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