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MXR Bass Overdrive Pedal. EXCELLENT CONDITION !!!

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I am having a bit of a clear out of all the pedals i hardly use and this is one of them.

its the MXR BASS OVERDRIVE. Its a great, versatile overdrive pedal that is in excellent condition (like new). It is fully boxed with instructions. Just have too many overdrives/fuzzes on the board at the minute.

Full specs can be found below.


These are going for arond £140-£150 brand new. I am looking for £90 which includes delivery (U.K mainland only). or £80 collected (live in Ossett , west yorks).

Heres my feedback page if you fancy seeing my past purchase/selling history




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to clarify delviery details

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    • By Spoonman
      Hello. I'm having a bit of a pedal clearout. All in good working order. Prices include delivery. 
      Fuzzrocious Demon (With Clean Blend) - £100 (ON HOLD)
      Although these are good for low end retention as they are, I ordered one with a clean blend for added flexibility. I don't think they come up with this option very often. I love this for a little mid boost and grunt. Includes original box.

      Dunlop Bass Crybaby Wah - £50 SOLD
      Classic Bass Wah. I've heard these have a different sound and sweep to the new mini Crybaby, so they're still relevant! I added the VOL and Q labelling on the side a while back, to help me distinguish the controls. Easily removed if required! 

      Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor - £100 SOLD
      Compressor with a clean blend and some other useful options. Includes original box.

      MXR Bass Envelope Filter - £90 SOLD
      Funk in a box. Loads of info around on these already.

      Tech 21 VT Bass (V1) - £85  SOLD
      This is the early v1 model. From what I've heard it's as though the cab sim option from the v2 is always on inside the pedal. I've also heard it does have a slightly different sound to the V2. It certainly sounds slightly different to my VTDI anyway, not quite as mellow possibly... 
      Anyway it sounds great if you wanna make your solid state amp sound valvey. One thing to note is that, a while ago the plate that opens up the back to fit a battery in, snapped. I still have the piece but it doesn't slot in. I covered it over with gaffer tape and put velcro on it as I never use a battery anyway, and now it sits flat on a pedalboard, which it didn't before! Probably an easy part to replace though if you wanted to. Includes original tin box. 

      Any questions please drop me a PM. I'm based in Broadstone, Dorset if you wanted to collect.
    • By DylanB
      Clearout of bass distortion/fuzz/OD in order to raise cash funds. Make me an offer! No trades please. Items will be shipped insured/signed for. Paypal OK, collection OK, items based in Carshalton.
      1. Soundblox Pro Multiwave Bass Distortion: With box and manual. 7/10 condition. Some blistering/scratching in the finish on the top. I was a bit over-zealous with the velcro when attaching to my pedalboard, then when I went to remove it some of the finish peeled off the back. Tried to remove the velcro at the top but chickened out when it was clear the black sticker would come off along with it. Operationally tip-top. NOTE - THIS PEDAL CAME FROM THOMANN AND AS SUCH COMES WITH A EUROPEAN POWER SUPPLY ONLY (see pictures). I have not used this power supply, I always powered it from the power block on my pedal board. £125 ONO posted
      2. MXR M-181 Blow Torch: 9/10 condition, boxed with manual. Takes two 9v batteries (not supplied). EDIT: This is an 18v pedal, I will include the 2-to-1 cable I purchased separately to power this off two 9v outputs from my power supply. £60 ONO posted SOLD
      3. Mooer Fog Fuzz: 9/10 condition. Does not come with box or manual. Will be securely packed. Velcro on back. £35 ONO posted SOLD
      4. Ashdown Dr. Green Bearded Lady: 8/10 condition. Comes with carry bag. Feet are in strange positions - not sure why, I received it like this. £40 ONO posted
      5. MXR M89 Bass Overdrive: 9/10 condition. Comes with box and manual. Velcro on back. £80 ONO posted SOLD

    • By Dosi Y'Anarchy
      Very versatile preamp with switchable distortion and DI out.
      SOLD includes UK postage, PayPal only please (gift preferred).
    • By skb558
      For sale - £120 posted
      Same great tone and reliability as the original Carbon Copy but with a little extra top end. 
      Boxed and in as new condition. Home use only.