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Sire V7 5 string Jazz. £350 or trade options

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Sire V7 5 string Jazz for sale.

Most know how amazing these instruments are, so I won't bang on about them..  I had a previous V7 5 with an ash body and it was too heavy. I sent it back, to order this one with the alder body and it is lighter. 9.8 pounds on my scales. 

This bass has been played a few times in a smoke free room, Ive had it for 2 months and its never been taken out of the house. Its immaculate. Not a single scratch or blemish is on this instrument.. 

Ive set this bass up myself, with a new set of DR Low Riders. You could get a lower action if required, but its quite low imo.. 

Comes in original Marcus Miller box. And the outer box from Thomann.  I've got another 5 string Jazz coming, so this is up. Will trade for a 4 string Jazz or 4 string P bass, if there are any about. ?

I got this bass for £430 new, so I think its a fair price for a used/ brand new instrument. 

 I don't have a hard case so would rather not post in the original box. But I can meet up within a reasonable distance. I would rather the buyer come round and play it to be honest, but I'm flexible. 

If any more pictures are wanted, do say. 


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