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Help with new cab

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I'm wanting to expand my rig a little to get better low end clout. I currently have a markbass tube 800 head paired to a traveller 2x10 and a traveller 1x15. Im thinking of getting a markbass standard 410hf to pair with the traveller 2x10 and ditch the 1x15. Question is... is it a good idea? 


Many thanks


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Difficult to say, in actual terms each cab gets the same amount of power - I assume both are 8ohm cabs - so the 210 is doing twice the work. That said I have an Ashdown ABM 410 & 210 set-up and it works fine, though for all but the biggest gigs I just use the 410. I`ve never needed anywhere near full power from my amp so I`m confident that the 210 won`t get pushed beyond its limits, and being the top cab I`d be more likely to hear that as well - I hope.

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Hey lozz196,

That's just what I thought. With both cabs getting their equal share of the output I'm a little worried about pushing the 210 too far, I'd probably be better off using a 410 on it's own?  I'm keen to keep the 210 as it fits perfectly in my boot for rehearsals and little gigs and does an adequate job for that purpose. 

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Well having had a Little Mark Tube 500 I can`t think that if you had both cabs connected to the LMT800 that you`d push the 210 too far - am sure your ears would give out before the 210, lol. But yes, 410 for bigger gigs, 210 for rehearsals and smaller gigs sounds a good plan.

I find that when I do use both of my cabs it`s more to fit the size of the larger stages, and for the benefit of the added height of the cabs - I don`t have the amp any louder, but due to the increased height I can hear it better.

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Lots of people like rigs with matching driver sizes, while others swear it makes no difference.  Only your ears can decide which you prefer.

That said, I'd imagine the 410HF would be a very good match for the 210, and as Lozz says it's pretty unlikely you'll damage the 210.

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    • By Welshbassist
      Hi BCers
      After much deliberation I have decided to sell this excellent cab, a Series 1 Epifani UL410 with B&C drivers. I bought this on here quite a while back when I was younger and hoping to get into music full time, decided to invest in a quality one-cab solution that would see me through most situations. As it turned out I ended up going down a different route career wise and neglected bass playing – so this amp has spent most of its life sat under the cover at home. Happily, I’ve rediscovered the bass while stranded with my family over lockdown but realised I’ll need a more compact setup once I am able to travel back to my equally compact one-bed.
      Sound and performance wise this reproduces a full-range sound and is very versatile – I was always able to dial in the right sound for quite a variety of genres. Never been left wanting in terms of volume when I was active back in the day. Since then however this has had quite an easy life. It’s in excellent condition having spent the last ten years either in a cover (stored indoors) or played at low volumes. Light and easy to move around for a 410 at 24/25kg-ish and the handles are well placed.
      FYI The images from my phone camera seem to make the carpeting look more grey than it actually is – the carpet is in fact black.
      I believe the specs are as follows:
      Speaker: 4 x 250w RMS cast aluminium-frame B&C neodymium drivers, variable tweeter.
      Freq. Response: 40hz - 16khz
      Sensitivity: 103 db SPL @ 1w 1m
      Power Rating: 1000w RMS (2400w Peak)
      26.25" H x 23" W x 17.75
      57 lbs.
      Happy for this to be collected though I do live on the Llyn Peninsula in NW Wales so it might be more convenient for a courier to be arranged – either is fine by me. Would be willing to trade for a compact 112/210 cab (or similar). Includes Epifani padded cover. Cheers.

    • By Deedee
      Italian made MarkBass Little Mark III in very good condition. Taken recently in a trade but surplus to requirements at the moment. No original box or bag I’m afraid.
      Collection/meet up preferred but will ship to GB at buyers expense. £250 collected / £260 shipped to GB.
      Only trade I'd be interested in would involve a Tecamp Puma.  A 900 or an original (4/8ohm) Puma 1000

    • By dodge_bass
      Doing a bit of a clear out of stuff I don't use any more - all priced to sell. Add £5 for P&P
      MXR Bass comp - taken as part of a trade so not needed - £90 (with box but no instructions)
      Markbass Compressore (tube) - just not for me - £90 (no box but will be well packed)
      Empress compressor - £SOLD
      Dave Hall Valve pre DI - no longer being made - £SOLD
      Trades - looking for a chorus pedal / flanger or 8ve pedals.
      Drop me a PM - I can get these packed up and sent off very quickly.

    • By edirelandbass
      Markbass Little Mark II 500w head 
      Bergantino CN112 CaB
       Seems I may have overpriced the cab a bit, so will take £600
      Both with covers, both decent condition, a few scratches on each and one small break in the tolex on the bottom of the cab, but all working perfectly. 
      Great little lightweight rig, have gigged it in plenty of medium rooms with no trouble. Just about light enough that I’ve trollied it on the tube to a few gigs.
      Can’t really justify having two bass amps at the moment, hence the sale. 

      Would rather sell together and will chuck in a decent speakon cable and kettle lead. Otherwise £250 for the head and £375 for the cab.

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