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April Composition Challenge - GET WRITING


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April's Composition Challenge is now underway!

Here’s the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month's winner, Bilbo… 



  1. No illegal samples.
  2. No offensive content.
  3. No longer than five minutes.
  4. No bagpipes (see point 2).

The deadline for entries is midnight on Monday 23rd April.

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There is lot going on in that one :scratch_one-s_head:

I'm looking for an excuse to rawk but getting a feel to chant , now , my guitar work is hardly inspirational , but I think you've got a grasp on my vocal work by now :crazy:

maybe a mashup xD


looks perfect for some Lenny funk  :D

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I came up with this. I was trying to get a medieval vibe. I was working with my newly downloaded Sibelius 8 and am still finding my way around the sounds etc but this is close to what I was hearing. What you are hearing here is literally the Sibelius file with Sibelius sounds etc i.e. no external VSTs or acoustic instruments. 



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This one hits new levels for me , because it nearly actually worked out in some degree to my first idea , though in all honesty, the 'rawk' concept morphed into a touch more 'Kaempfert'  but it was fun enough for Lurksalittle to get involved :D


warning of course .....I sing on it xD

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I have a few hours to myself tonight so managed to come up with this. I'd struggled with inspiration all week and thought I'd load up some lutes (which I never made it to*) to try and get some ideas. The ideas came, bizarrely, from Valhalla Room reverb on a charango. So there you go.


* turns out that a charango is an Andean lute so that's me proved wrong right away.

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Hi guys it's been a while since I last entered anything but I'm back, I'm afraid. :-)

When I looked at the picture I got the impression that all the characters were in the midst of an aimless, meandering argument and were actually getting nothing done (having worked in the civil service and attended countless meetings that fit the above description probably contributed to my interpretation!).  So I wrote a song around that idea.

I'm so sorry about the vocals and lyrics - I cringe when I listen back to them - but they're the best I can do with my meagre(almost non existent) abilities in this field of expertise.


EDIT I just noticed there's a little mild distortion on the vocals in places. Sorry. 

Edited by Rikki1984
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It's not going to get any better, so ...

Here is my contribution to the April 2018 Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by a picture chosen by last month's joint winner: Bilbo.
Vst Kontakt instruments, mostly from the Kontakt Factory library, but also a Cheese Machine, a touch of West Africa and Strike drums. Assembled with Reaper, with my usual minimal treatment, mastered with an AAMS, 'World music' preset.
Thanks for listening, if you already have; if you're about to, enjoy.


Edited by Dad3353
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