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NOW £400 1964 Hofner 182/Professional Solid Bass FS "Diamond" Pickups

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For sale is my 1962** Hofner/Selmer 182/Professional solid body bass w/ original Diamond Logo Pickups.

The bass is not all original but still has a lot of original features. A previous owner has refinished the body in white and fitted a crescent-shaped rest to the body. Other than that, the hardware, pickups, controls etc all seem to be the ones originally bestowed upon it. Volume and tone pots are generally functional but a bit loose and noisy. I suspect it's nothing a soldering iron and a touch of patience can't fix. Frets all appear to be in good condition and the bass is currently strung with light round-wound strings.

The bass plays really nicely and has tonnes of vintage character!

Cash on collection only from South-East London. Can also include the basic gig bag sold to me with the bass. Offers considered.

** According the Hofner list of serial numbers, this particular bass is actually dated around 1962 (http://www.hofner.com/media/wysiwyg//Serial_Numbers/selmer_numbers.pdf)















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I've never seen one with that shaped scratch-plate and those 4 controls laid out like that. They ones I've seen have 2 controls on a control plate like the Beatle Bass.

Great basses these, really nice to play!

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5 hours ago, MoonBassAlpha said:

I've never seen one with that shaped scratch-plate and those 4 controls laid out like that. They ones I've seen have 2 controls on a control plate like the Beatle Bass.

Great basses these, really nice to play!

It was a struggle to even find even a photo of another one, but one site has it down as the "Professional Twin-pickup" model... though I don't think they made these for a very long time. Lovely little bass, really like the feel of the neck on this one!

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9 hours ago, BassBod said:

Love that Hipster tug bar 🤓

I was trying to think of a good euphemism for it. It wasn't the idea of this hipster!

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51 minutes ago, goffman said:

I was trying to think of a good euphemism for it. It wasn't the idea of this hipster!

Not a euphemism - that was Fender’s official name, when they were on the...er..G string side..😳

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    • By Touchwood
      I am selling this for the family of a friend who has recently passed away. I have got  permission from the Admin (ped) to place this ad.
      1987 Mk1Custom
      Brazilian Mahogany core
      Canadian 'Birdseye' Maple faces
      Indian Rosewood F/Board
      Full Flightcase
      Slight crack to front facing (cosmetic only)
      This bass was made by Ian Waller for a friend who has recently passed away and has had one owner from new.
      This is the first EVER Wal with a lacquer finish and was the start of Wal offering a lacquer finish option.
      Collection from Kendal, UK, or will ship for cost of shipping.

    • By Hellzero
      Thinning down the herd, so selling the basses I don't use, especially non 6 strings basses.
      FENDER Precision Bass 1978 modified into Fretless à la Tony FRANKLIN, with an unlined (only dots) 150 years old Brazilian rosewood fretboard fitted, extra Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass pickup in 60's bridge position, blend and some professional routing.
      The job has been done by the greatest French luthier Christophe LEDUC a while back.
      Except for the modifications, everything else is original (I bought the bass in the early 80's to the original owner and asked Christophe LEDUC to do the modifications) and it comes with the original ashtrays (the 4 screws are non original).
      The specifications :
      Body : 1 piece ash
      Neck : maple
      Fretboard : 150 years old Brazilian rosewood with front dots at the exact frets positions as it's fretless
      Tuners : 4 Fender
      Frets : fretless 20 positions
      Truss rod : 1 fully working
      Bridge : original Fender
      Pickups : original Fender Precision Bass + extra Seymour Duncan Jazz Bass (80's)
      Controls : Volume, blend, tone
      Strings spacing at bridge : 19 mm
      Strings spacing at bone nut : 11 mm
      Action at 12th fret : from 1.5 mm under the G string to 2 mm under the E string
      Scale : 34 inches
      Finish : high gloss sunburst
      Hardware : chrome
      Weight : 4,2 kilos (without the ashtrays)
      Case : non original from the late 70's (this was still an option at the time)
      Serial # : S861997
      Year : 1978 (quite rare as almost all S8 are from 1979 to 1982)
      Strings : brand new Fame Nickelsteel (45-100)
      The bass has been fully set up and everything checked.
      Non smoking environment, as usual.
      Asking price is £1550 GBP due to the rarity and very good condition of this bass.
      Look at the pictures to see the real condition (under different lights), which show the very good condition of this bass, the extra work done and it's authenticity... I've pictured everything as usual, but if you want more photos, just ask.

    • By matbard
      Spector Bantam 4 strings 30" scale, made in the Czech Republic, first model sold in Europe ((the white version is only available for the UK distributor).
      It’s the only modern-imprinted short-scale bass available today, presented at NAMM 2018 and bought by me in London for the London Bass Day 2018 last march:
      Fender Urban Short Scale gigbag and 24-volt EMG mod(not installed) included.
      Invoice and original purchase document dated 03/03/2018 of the original seller(Bassdirect.co.uk) included.
      Shipping costs at the buyer’s expense.
      No trades, sorry!

    • By discreet
      NBD: Vintage VJ74 Jazz - Refurbished!
      I’ve had low-level GAS for a Vintage brand V4 P Bass for some years, but for whatever reason had never considered their Jazz offerings. But when I saw a Vintage VJ74 Reissue Jazz  for sale here on BC at a very reasonable price, I took a punt - on a whim. However, the bass had one or two problems: Firstly, it was black - and secondly, it didn’t have its original ‘Vintage VJ74’ decal, which had been replaced with a ‘Moon Bass’ decal (see pics). The pickguard is tort, but considering it’s not what I call ‘proper’ tort, it’s actually not too bad. These are the ‘before’ pics:

      I refinished the bass in Heritage White, with matching headstock. Then I made a ‘Vintage VJ74’ decal in PhotoShop and printed it onto inkjet waterslide decal paper - my first DIY decal. The rosewood fretboard was a bit chalky and quite dry, so I treated it to a drop of oil, which made it much darker. Result. Other modifications were minimal, as I’m perfectly happy with the electrics, pickups and hardware which are all Wilkinson as standard, Vintage being one of Trevor Wilkinson’s brands. The 'refurbishment' isn't absolutely to stock - as far as I know Vintage don't produce a matching-headstock Jazz in their range, so I allowed myself a little leeway - it's a bit 'custom'...
      It plays really nicely and sound-wise it’s right up there with the competition. I’ve owned and played Fender Jazzes and various Jazz clones from other makers and the VJ74 absolutely holds its own. The Wilkinson pickups are strong and clear with a big, yet tight and controlled low end, punchy mids and a ringing, almost piano-like tone with a new set of rounds. Very intoxicating and quite addictive. My original intention was to titivate the bass and move it on, but it has immediately become my number one go-to instrument. Obviously 'Vintage' brand basses are way underrated! I’m totally chuffed with it, and it will have its first outing at rehearsal this evening.
      I’m also chuffed with the cost. As I already had the paint, the amber tint and the waterslide decal paper, and as it wasn’t necessary to upgrade the pickups, tuners or bridge, all it took to get this where I wanted it was a little time and effort. Well worth it - and I’m now a happy bunny. Well... until P-Bass GAS comes around again of course, but as usual I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  Note - the tort guard looks red on black; and much darker on white. Juxtaposition! It's the same guard. Anyway in conclusion, it's obviously possible to pick up a bass for little money that's already a decent, solid player and have it become your main squeeze with a bit of cosmetic work. Result. These are the ‘after’ pics:

      I thank you! And many thanks to Basschatter Aidan63.
    • By eude
      Well yesterday I was extremely lucky to pick up for new ACG from Alan himself at the UK Guitar Show in that London.
      It's a TKO Modern short scale 4 string, 30.5" scale for those who are interested. Very simple and a bit rootsy compared to my usual bass guitars, but it very much fills a gap that has been empty, since I sold my first Precision Bass in the mid 90's.
      It's got an Ash neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. A White Limba body with a figured Maple top, all coloured in black, well most of it, the neck included 😎
      The single pickup is a reverse P Bass style in the chunky housing, simple Vol/Tone and that's it.
      The TKO is Alan's reinvention of the Tele, which I think works really well. I love reverse headstocks too, so while I was going to try something very different, why not go nuts!
      The bass has a really effortless punchy finger style tone, quite classic sounding but with a bit more bite when needed. I'm tempted to try out flats on it, but I do love the Newtones that came with, Newtones being my favourite string anyway.
      Anyway, I'm a very chuffed eude right now. Any questions, just shout!