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Removed pre on Cort B4 - Now lots of options for passive controls


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I bought a simple onboard preamp (by a polish guy online). great thing, only around 10€.

I'm right now running only the neck pickup, so it's kind of a P bass I suppose.

What I'm investigating right now are all the infinite amount of options I have to add the rest of the controls.

Normally for a jazz type base (two pickups) I'd go either for V/V/T or V/B/T. There is enough discussion around that, but much of it is focused around the real estate J basses offer.

Having removed the preamp I have six holes to fill (if I wanted to - I have no issue leaving many alone).

so, what would you propose?

Master V/V/V/T?

V/V/T/kill switch?

V/V/T/T like a Les Paul?

sky six is the limit!

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