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Hi guys,

I'm a happy owner of a Nordstrand VJ4 jazz bass. The NJ4 pickups I have in there sound incredible. However, I've recently decided I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of tone for a hum cancelling set so am looking for the NJ4SV pickups to replace them with. I guess I'd then take the NJ4 out and sell them but I'll cross that bridge when I've sourced the new set. I spotted a few older threads with NJ4SVs in the sale forum so hopefully someone has some they'd like to move on. 

Thanks a lot!


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    • By Pete1967
      Hi All... I've accumulated a few parts that I'm not going to use for my builds, so I thought it would be better for them to go to a home that would appreciate them... as they say on Flog It! All are brand new, never used and in mint condition. All prices include UK postage... for further afield please PM me.
      1) A four in line set of Gotoh GB350 Res-o-Lite tuners in cosmo black (that's the black chrome finish not the black painted).  Brand new seems to be around the 100 quid mark. Yours for £65

      2) BBOT four string bridge with screws (not shown). Heavier that the really nasty ones, and the base has been machined flat, but BBOT none the less. £6 (probably what the postage will cost!)
      3) A four in line set of Wilkinson open gear tuners in chrome. Basically a Hipshot rip off. Not as light as the Hipshots, but they are nicely made, the gears work smoothly and don't rattle.. Akin to the Hipshot Licensed I'd say. Two spare screw in bushes. Great value at £20

      4) A pair of Wilkinson WBJ Alnico V Jazz pickups. 4 String. Screws and springs included (I think I have black or chrome screws as an option but I need to check). I have no idea what these sound like since I've never fitted them to anything, but they seem to get good reviews which is why I bought them, and they are the better Alnico ones. £40 on Ebay et al... £25 to you sir... 
      Payment by bank transfer if you trust me (which you absolutely can), or PayPal is fine. 100% refund on return guarantee if you find anything wrong or I've misrepresented anything.
      Any questions, please ask.. I know you will!
    • By MisterT
      Project anyone? Brand new, never used. Link to these on the SimS site http://www.simscustom.com/pickups/4string.html
      I've had them since April 2017, haven't done anything so rather than sitting in the cupboard here they are.
      Will post insured only (not included), or you can pick up from the Wakefield area.
      Reduced (10/08/2018) to £250

    • By Aero71
      For sale:
      Madison aged reproduction jazz bass parts,
      all in good & working condition,  
      - '60 - '61 aged reproduction stacked knob control plate with reproduction caps
      New $140 

      - Fender aged tuning machines with bushings and screws
      New $140

      - 60's era aged knurled bass bridge
      New $ 46

      - Crystal Clear 60's handwound pickups
      New $ 190

      - Tortoise jazz bass pickguard
      I was told this is a real tortoise pickguard

      Without the pickguard these parts together were 525 usdollar plus shipping and taxes.
      £295 looks like a bargain for all the above. 
    • By cetera
      EMG 4 string soapbars wanted. Only those listed and preferably the quick connect ones. Cheers!
    • By MikanHannille
      Used basslines active soapbars 5 string set.
      plus £5 for postage.