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Happy Jack

*** SOLD *** Roland TD-3 electronic drumkit, complete

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This is the electronic kit I bought some years ago from Silldx (Nigel) as an intro to leccy drums for my band, The Junkyard Dogs.

It has served as an excellent practice & rehearsal kit in my little studio, it has won us loads of gigs where live drum kits were not welcome (volume issues being what they are), and it's still fully functional.

There is wear and tear of course. Well what do you expect? These buggers keep coming round to my place and hitting it all evening. Some of the trigger sensors can be a bit tetchy, one of the cymbals has a metal ring detached, the throne is very tired and emotional, there are scuff marks that could scuff for England.

But it's a complete, fully functional kit, and there's even some spare parts knocking around. There's the full frame + controller + snare & hi-hat + 3 x toms + 2 x splash + BOTH pedals (hi-hat & kick) + throne. Might even chuck in a pair of sticks. I'm known for my generosity.

We gigged twice with it at the beginning of January and we'd be gigging it again in three weeks (at The Red Lion, in Little Missenden) were it not for the fact that I've just bought a rather nice Alesis Crimson II. So it's in fully-giggable condition if that's what you want. 

On t'other hand it's also brilliant for rehearsals in a home studio, and it would make an excellent first kit for a beginner.

It's taking up too much space now that the Alesis has arrived, so I need it gone quickly. I'll give it a week on Basschat and, if it doesn't sell, it'll go to eBay. Bluejay will be taking photos tomorrow morning, and I'll add them asap.

The kit is collection only from HA1. Please don't ask about postage - I don't have a Jiffy bag that's big enough. Similarly, please don't ask whether I'll wait in for your courier, since a mouthful of abusive language often offends.


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Following a PM, I should clarify.

I deal face-to-face with other Basschatters, have done for 12 years now. For me, "collection" means collection in person by a Basschatter, who will try out the kit before putting his hand in his pocket, and then drive away a happy man. Or, indeed, woman.

It does NOT mean me sitting in all day wondering whether someone else's courier will bother to show up, and if they do whether they'll show some respect to whatever they're collecting.

Sorry and all that.


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