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Loose machine heads


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I recently got a Peavey Cirrus BXP second hand. As I was changing the strings I noticed the machine heads were a bit wobbly. I thought it would be the nuts but they were very tight already. They are loose "in the same axis the string coils" in the machine head. That's the best I can describe it, sorry can't post photos at the moment.

Machine heads are fixed in place only by one screw, very tiny. And the machine heads that are loose have this screw turning in place not doing much pressure.

How can I fix this? Wood filler and screwing again?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi , what I do in this situation is to take the screws out, get some tooth picks and some superglue .

Remove the machinehead .

Put a small ammount of superglue into the holes , put a piece of toothpick into the holes , and leave to dry .

After about 10 mins , carefully trim the excess toothpick material back level to the face , 

Put machinehead back , re screw the screw back in .

Fixed .


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