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March Composition Challenge - GET WRITING


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March's Composition Challenge is now underway!

Here’s the image for your inspiration, chosen by last month's winners, Dad3353 and Doctor J… 



  • Avoid any content that other forum users may find offensive.
  • Make sure you have permission to use any 3rd party sounds and samples in your track.
  • Entries should be no more than five minutes long and written/produced during the month of the competition.
  • No bagpipes.

The deadline for entries is midnight on Saturday 24th March.

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Well mine is just about done now , 


I'm going to do my age old trick of hanging on just in case I find someone to put a vocal over it instead of me , but the track is  done , and it will probably be posted the day before the end.......with me on it ☹️

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hi folks, been out for a bit except for coming to vote. i have been in a weird place with music for a while and writing has been almost impossible. that said, i have got something for this one. not that it particularly lines up with the pic but aside from a compilation of bear sounds (very nearly happenedo.O) i couldnt see anything that would. the tune as a whole didnt quite gel the way i wanted it to, but i am putting that down to a severe lack of practice over the last few months.



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On 13/03/2018 at 21:46, lurksalot said:

OK I'm in 

not really a fun one , but hey the music part is reasonable, and as no-one else particularly like it in my household I think it is past any further work , so enjoy if you can 



I would say “great minds” as mine has taken a similar theme to :Dyours this month. However I’m not so sure there’s any greatness in two grown men penning numbers with talking polar bears in them. 

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^ Good to have you back Rob. And well done all.

I'm not going to make it this month... my music stuff is still in disarray whilst I'm faffing around with various DIY projects (now on first name terms with the staff at Screwfix).

I'll launch the voting thread sometime on Sunday morning, so there's still opportunity for any last-minute entries...

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Sorry, no talking polar bears in this one. Open to your own interpretation I think.

A real slap dash effort guys, noticed closing date so did this all today in a blind panic!

No polar bears were harmed and no baby seals clubbed in the making of this music.




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