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Feedback for alinbassplayer - Alin Iordache

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Nice, easy transaction. Knew precisely the cost of shipping and PayPal costs. The pedal arrived at the depot the next day in great condition. Would recommend

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Bought Ebs Combo from Alin.

He met me half way for the very smooth transaction. Nice bloke indeed. Good communication too. I would gladly deal with him again.

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Just bought a Spector Legend Custom off Alin - met up at his place and had a very pleasant time discussing all things bass! 

He's a real pleasure to deal with and everything was as described. Look forward to catching up with him again soon and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Cheers, Bas

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Alin just bought a pedal board from me, great comma and quick payment. Just as BC should be. It was a pleasure Alin! Top BC’er. 👍🏻

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Bought a pedal from Alin last week - a really nice guy and the easiest of deals. Pedal came securely boxed/wrapped and I'm one very happy customer!

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    • By mattbass6
      This is a very hard decision for me as I love my Vigier basses so much, but I have decided to move back to 4 string bass for the foreseeable future. I have enjoyed my forays into the world of 6 & 5 string bass, but my writing has changed a lot and I need a new sound/approach/challenge. I will be keeping my other Excess 5 just for the studio and that low B, just in case I need it later down the line but it does mean, that I don't need two of them. So with that in mind, here is what I am selling -
      A brand new, in perfect condition, and I mean perfect condition, as there are no scratches, surface scratches, dings, dents etc Vigier Excess 5 bass. It has never been gigged and only used in the house. It was ordered directly from Vigier back in 2018 and arrived with me last July (2019) as a back up to my other Vigier. Who was I kidding? The things are so flipping stable, you don't need a back up with these. Anyway, I ordered it in a custom "purple", and it is stunning. It comes with the official Vigier Hiscox case. The neck on these basses are to die for, just so beautifully crafted in every way. The sounds available to dial in are limitless, a very versatile pre-amp (18v). It was fitted from the start with Dunlop Stainless Steel Superbrights (40-120). They don't make many of these basses, and especially not in this colour. If you want something stable, powerful, unique and something that will last you forever, this is your baby. They cost £3200.00 (RRP), so grab a beautiful, handmade, rare and beautiful bass while you can. The bass is located in South Wales. I'd prefer collection, but happy to post if it will help the buyer. I have the box it was sent in. Any questions, please feel free to PM me and I will do all I can to help.
      Possible trades and no sunburst’s please - 
      US Fender Elite Precision with maple board plus a little cash my way.
      Yamaha BBP34 plus cash my way.
      Yamaha 2025 / 2025x plus a little cash my way.
      Musicman Stingray H with maple board plus a little cash my way.
      Mike Lull PJ4 with maple board.
      Here are the specs of the bass, including weight 
      Type: Bolt-on featuring the 10/90 System (10% carbon with 90% of wood).
      Wood: Maple naturally dried for 3 years
      Shape: D
      Finish: Gloss varnish where the varnish dries for 5 weeks minimum
      Width of neck at nut: 46mm / 1.81"
      Width of neck at last fret: 73,7mm / 2.9"
      Depth of neck at first fret: 20,5mm / .81"
      Depth of neck at 12th fret: 24mm / .94"
      String spacing at nut: 38mm / 1.50"
      String spacing at bridge: 72mm / 2.89"
      Action as supplied at 12th fret, treble: 2.0mm / .079"
      Action as supplied at 12th fret, bass: 2.7mm / 0.11"
      Type of nut: Teflon nut + hardened zero fret technology
      Fingerboard Wood: Maple
      Radius: 300mm/11.81"
      Type of frets: Medium
      Number of frets: 24
      Scale length: 860mm / 33.8"
      Inlay: Dots
      Body Wood: Two centre-joined pieces of solid, naturally aged alder.
      Machine heads brand name: Schaller custom
      Bridge brand name: Vigier quick release with a brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place. It is Chrome finished.
      Pickup brand name: Vigier
      Type of pickup: Single coil.
      Switch: Balance
      Electronic: Active
      A hum-cancelling circuit eliminates the hum usually associated with single-coil pickups to create a true studio-quiet performance: single-coil tone without the hum.
      Controls: Volume / Balance / Bass / Middle / Treble
      Shielding: Conductive paint
      Weight: 3,8Kg / 8.3lbs
      It comes with the original Vigier hard case
      It is strung with Dunlop SuperBrights Stainless Steel 40-120
      Made in: France

    • By Jaime Tortosa
      Due to the great succes of the part 1 of the video, I decided to make a second part with better quality. I hope you all enjoy. I guess you all know how important is bass, but it's not the case of everybody. With this video you can show anyone. 
      Further explanations and details on the vide. SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more! I hope everybody's okay during quaratine times. 
    • By Ted Theodore Logan, III
      As the “heart & soul" of “ALL THAT IS", us Bassists know how important the rhythm is...  
      To the ignorant & self-absorbed, the bass is a “WTF" instrument. 
      However, to the informed and educated, the Bass IS the ROOT of music... 
      So what I wanna know is......
      What's the BIGGEST BASS DROP, EVER?!!
      Something crazy, like this?...
      ...but obviously not Muse ‘cos they are despicable...
      Maybe this?...
      ACTUALLY, IT'S THIS!!...
      What you guys got?!!
      You know “it's gotta be big..."
      Was gonna take the p*** with this but that IS a friendly, funky bass line!!!...
      * Disclaimer, mention of fish being dropped may appear in this thread.
    • By TAzMilitello
      I'ts a great healdess 6 strings KIESEL ZEUS BASS, Made in Italy, 34".  It comes with Dunlop straplocks, original Kiesel case, and new Elixir nanoweb coated strings 0.32-1.25! It has original active/passive on board preamp and pickups. Everything as shown in the photo link. So really comfortable, a great instrument, with big sounds! Like new!!
      ZB6, diamond pearl white (DPW), clear satin finish (CS), rear natural clear finish (RNC), maple top (MT), swamp ash body (ASH), royal ebony fingerboard (REF), no top inlays side dots only (NIN), Dunlop straplocks (SL), black logo (BL), data order of bass: 28/02/2018, with Kiesel 5 years warranty.
      construction: bolt-on neck scale length: 34" body: Swamp ash neck: slight birdseye hard rock maple with two high-strength carbon-fiber reinforcing rods and fully-adjustable dual action truss rod fingerboard: Royal ebony, 14" radius inlays: On the top, luminlay side dots neck dimensions: 2.0" wide @ nut, 3.20" wide @ 24th fret; 0.82" thick at 1st fret, 0.94" thick at 12th fret hardware: black bridge: Hipshot™ with .640" (16.25mm) string space nut : Kiesel locking nut system (accepts standard strings) frets: 24 stainless steel medium-jumbo, .103 wide X .048 tall pickup: Kiesel Radium KRH radius top alnico humbucker pickup in the neck and bridge electronics: active/passive electronics, master volume, pickup blend, bass/high concentric knobs, mid/mid frequencies concentric knob. Top finish: Diamond white dimensions: 38 1/4" long, 12 3/8" wide, 1 5/8" thick body average weight : 8.75 pounds Mainly I prefer to sell iit without trades, thanks!
      Photo of bass 😉📸: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-hsqdfupTxiqhIdTLePJkqjDj28FOAZd
      Foreign Currency: about payments different from the Euros currency you can pay by clicking using this ►Transferwise bank transfer◄ link.
      Setup by an expert luthier, wonderfully resonant woods, perfectly functional, really good conditions!

      Bass is located in Italy (Sicily). No problems for international fast shipping:
      *Shipping prices include shockproof packaging but without insurance, which must be calculated separately.
      To Italy: 30€ (1/2 working days) To Ireland/Great Britain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To Germany and Austria: 45€ (3/4 working days) To Spain: 60€ (4/5 working days) To France: 65€ (4/5 working days) To Lithuania: 75€ (4/5 working days) To Romania: 80€ (4/5 working days) To Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands: 65€ (3/4 working days) To Czech Republic (CZ): 80€ (4/5 working days) To USA and Canada: 130€ (6/8 working days)
    • By CharlieB6661
      Hi guys and gals! I have the opportunity to buy either a black fender aerodyne Jazz bass with a few marks on it stupid cheap or a modern player butterscotch telecaster bass with some heavier marks on it. 
      They're both at the same price pretty much, the Tele being £40 cheaper... Although it's Chinese made I've heard nothing but good things about them but on the other side the aerodyne series are Japanese made... I'm torn! The aerodyne is £400 plus postage and the Tele is £360 but I have to drive an hour and a half each way to get it...
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