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Chromes or Flats?


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I've a P-Bass that I put either Chromes or Flats on about two years ago. I am not sure which I put on the bass. I'd like to try the 'other' ones...Can anyone link me to a couple of images please of these two types? So that I may get an idea of which I have on the bass at present.

Adding an image in case that helps anyone identify what I already have on the bass.


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13 minutes ago, pineweasel said:

"Chromes" is the brand name for D'Addario's range of flatwound strings: http://www.daddario.com/DADProductFamily.Page?ActiveID=3768&familyid=18&sid=bb654faa-90e8-4174-87c0-e84ba40ab08b

Probably where my confusion is coming from. I use D'Addario NYXL on most of my basses, and D'Addario 'Chrome /Flats' on my P-Bass. Think I'll play them in a bit longer. Maybe giving your suggestion a try at some point chris_b

Thanks for the help guys. Still learning after 50 years of playing. :biggrin:

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