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Sterling by Music Man SB14 - now £400

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Hi all!

I'm not getting on with this bass 100%, so I'd like to test the waters and see if anybody's interested in owning it instead!

I bought this bass about six months ago from a person who owned it from new. As you can see it came with original gig bag, allen keys and even a 'Sterling by Music Man' brochure.I've played it on half a gig(!) as a spare and two rehearsals, but apart from that it's just home use. Judging by its condition, I doubt the original owner took this out of the house much, if at all.

Apart from one dink in the body (superficial, but I've tried to photograph as best as I can in photo three) the bass is basically mint. It has all of the usual Sterling sounds you'd expect from the ceramic humbucker, and really does nail the sound and overall feel of the USA version. My friend has a USA Sterling, and I'd say the main difference is the neck finish is a little more 'satin'-esque on the SB14 compared to the gunstock-style finish on the USA Sterling. That's about the only main difference I can pickup on (although my friend's one didn't have a compensated nut either, unlike the 'new' US models).

No problem to either collect from Brighton and Hove, East Sussex or to courier (contact me to get some quotes).
Any questions, then just let me know.








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Please note...

Can interested parties refrain from posting trades  on the sellers ad

PM them directly don't post them on the sellers ad as they Will be removed without notification


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