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The Soul, Funk and Groove thread.. Pete Academy's original thread part 2.


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21 minutes ago, lowdown said:



 I got that album when it first came out and to this day, it's still one of my all time favourite albums. The playing, groove and arrangements on it are blinding.


I've always wondered why they didn't develop that track further, even with both parts spliced together it's only 1.45.

I can see why they left it as just a groove, it stands up on its own.


Rocco had some of the hardest working right-hand fingers in the business.


The difficult thing about Rocco's busier lines is strict alternation. Raking throws things out of sync. That, and playing at the right location along the string for tension. Rocco played roundabout where a P pickup is on a P bass, lower tension there. If you play it further back along the string with the higher tension, it's a lot more difficult. You tend to run out of juice.

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1 minute ago, Mykesbass said:

Oh yes, fabulous stuff. Came across him in the late 80s on French label Carrere. 

I came across him only by looking into who wrote the original version of the track. My friend urged me to listen to this version, which has Joe Henderson tearing things up:


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I've been wondering for decades when I'd ever hear this track again. I bought the 12" back in 1988 but along with 200+ other 12", 100 LPs and a few hundred 45s it drowned in a flash flood in the basement flat I was living in as an undergrad.

Anyone else recall it? Mebbe not as it wasn't a chart hit.


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1 minute ago, Quatschmacher said:

Hadn’t ever heard of this artist until I read an interview about him in today’s Guardian.


Great artist. Lots of his stuff you could possibly know, just didn't realise - from It Must be Love, to Something Inside So Strong.

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