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For sale or trade - Barefaced Super Twin (gen 3) with barefaced cover

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Can't believe I'm doing this ....but I've recently moved to a much smaller house, space is at a premium and I don't fancy storing this at my rehearsal space, so I'm looking to also down size my cab 😢

Not much needs to be said that hasn't already on this site, so I'll keep it brief. A real one cab solution. I've gigged it about 6-7 occasions in the 2 and a half years I've had it, so hasn't had masses of use. I bought it new from GBBL.

It's is a beast yet so light! If I hadn't moved to a tiny new build I'd be keeping it. In short I'm simply looking for a super compact or maybe even a big baby 2. But straight sale would be preferable in the meantime. The long term plan is to get 2 super compacts (or big baby2 + SC) so I can store one and keep one at home...then I stay out of trouble! 

comes with an official barefaced fitted cover (cost me £90!). Would prefer local pick up in Salford but can discuss if need be.

any questions just ask



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    • By itsmedunc
      Will,sell the pair for £400   Great little cabs. Both 8ohm. Sound great, light, loud and with a small footprint. One is 500w and the other 1000w rms. Both are in good condition. There is one cover. There's a couple  of nicks but nothing bad. They've had little use since I got them and the previous owner said the same. Only selling to get something a bit  lighter. BF, Midgets, Compact, BB2 etc. Would trade for Barefaced cabs, cash your way for right cabs. There seems to be a lot of BF's for sale at the moment. If they 'dry' up, I'll be withdrawing these.   500w £225 1000w £275   £400 for the pair.  

    • By CJPJ
      Orange Terror Bass now sold.
      Barefaced Compact 2 now sold
      I've left links to the original product specs - most people will know these are both great bits a kit so I won't ramble safe to say they are reasonably rare to find now as discontinued.
      Thanks for looking.

    • By Cuzzie
      To all interested.
      i will post below what is from the Barefaced Facebook page. Looks like Brexit and how the world is getting more expensive etc. Is hitting our flagship UK manufacturer.
      I for one am very glad I have one, and plenty others are too.
      Let’s hope this thread doesn’t derail into which cab is best, you should have bought cab X,  I had one and it sucked etc. It’s just for information........BUT if you were considering one, get one before March!!!
      @alexclaber hope you don’t mind me sharing.
      here is the official link 
      here is the post content for those without FB:
      Good news and bad news - the bad news first: Our prices are going up. The good news: We're not going to change them until the 1st March.
      We'd rather not do this but making cabs with this level of performance and providing the service we do is expensive - every component we use is the best possible and we lavish serious time, care and attention during manufacture to achieve this handmade quality.
      If you buy a Barefaced cab you're buying cutting edge performance, outstanding tone and the highest quality bass cab - not just built to last but built to still have outstanding sonic performance in many years' time.
      How much will they increase by? We're not exactly sure yet, we're going through some deep analysis of our costs to work out what we have to do - but it'll be a fairly significant increase.
      We're sorry we're having to do this but quality this good doesn't come cheap - and if Barefaced is going to be around in many years time, still building amazing cabs and still providing great customer support, we have to be sensible about what we charge for them. We still believe that if you invest in some Barefaced cabs you'll sound better and usually end up financially better off in many years time - get the best and that's it, no more spending on bass cabs! And your awesome tone might book you some more gigs. ;-)
    • By The GroovyPlucker
      Up for grabs is my Gen 1 Compact 15" Bass Cab, don't need to say too much about this, quality cab, in great condition resplendent with a brand new Roqsolid cover that has an under strap and a side pocket, cost £65. 
      For specs check http://barefacedbass.com/product-range/compact.htm
      UK POSTAGE is included in the price, approx 3 day courier service, INTERNATIONAL enquirers will need to add more as it will be significantly more anywhere in Europe. 

    • By Sarlscharisma
      Barefaced Super Compact Cab 3rd Gen.
      3 months old.  Excellent condition.  Only used a handful of times at home and rehearsal.
      Buying a Super Twin so need to fund this.
      Pick up preferred from Birmingham area.  
      Any postage will be at buyer’s expense and include insurance.