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Yamaha TRBX600 series NEW

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18 minutes ago, MDWagstaff said:

The question is, how long do we have to wait?


In a dealer? Anywhere between tomorrow and next year xD


It's good to see Yamaha pushing forward with new models though. They really are one of the best bang-for-buck brands 

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Ah, saw the ad on Facebook and started salivating immediately! As soon as they’re available I want one, the amber burst looks gorgeous and I think looks so much nicer than the new BB range.

Anyone know when they’re likely to arrive and get in the shops?

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Electronics look the same as (or very close to) the 5 series. Anybody else happen to think the cheaper 3 series sounded better though?!

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Hopefully better than the TRBX500 series.  I can’t say I was impressed at all with the 500 I had. It sounded quite bland and I didn’t regard the build quality to be any better than my Ibanez SR300, and I think the Ibanez actually sounded better.

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4 hours ago, Marvin said:

Hopefully better than the TRBX500 series.  I can’t say I was impressed at all with the 500 I had. It sounded quite bland and I didn’t regard the build quality to be any better than my Ibanez SR300, and I think the Ibanez actually sounded better.

I have to agree. I tried one out in Yamaha Music London about 3 years ago. One of the staff set me up in a lovely isolated booth, plugged into a good mixer & PA at moderate volume and it just sounded a bit dull to my ears. A shame as I quite liked the ergonomics.

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I tried a 500 series last year and was most unimpressed with the sound and feel. I'm a huge fan of the original TRB I basses. They sounded and felt very special. I know the on board electronics could be a little noisy but it was easy to sort. I really wish Yamaha would take those basses in to account. I understand it's about moving forward as a company as well but the TRB I's were so right in my opinion, of course. The new Yamaha basses look ace but I have to be honest, the sound on the TRBX600 being demonstrated left me feeling cold. I'd still like to try one.

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Most people gravitated towards the 500 series over the 300 due to it's nicer finish, active/passive switching, a 'grown up'  EQ rather than 'Fisher Price My First Active Bass' preset system, and the belief that the higher price reflected a higher quality bass.

However when I gave the 300 series a bash I instantly thought it was the better sounding instrument and those presets were pretty handy too!

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    • By Marc S
      Price Drop £475
      For sale: beautiful Yamaha TRB 1005 Active 5 string bass, in rather fetching Orange / Red (note: it's not one of the Japan models - they're now over £1K)

      This bass has upgrades, in the form of a high mass bridge - with full adjustability including side-to-side for string spacing of your choice
      It also has a Bartolini pre-amp (which is an improvement on the original)

      I recently had a new jack socket fitted, and set-up at A-strings guitars in Treforest (near me). The bass is in lovely condition, with hardly any marks and no "dings" at all.
      It sounds superb, with a great array of tones available. I'm not really a 5 string player, and this just isn't getting used.
      Although I would prefer a straight sale, I have now added a few trade options - see last post
      Am happy with cash balance either way - so I would add money for the right bass

      Collection preferred, but we could perhaps meet up somewhere convenient (I've got a Roland battery amp and Vox Amphones - so you can hear this lovely bass) I can throw in a gigbag so you can get this bass home safely.

      I have priced this bass to sell - as I have way too much stuff. At 500, it's already less than I paid for it, especially when including the work I've had done recently

    • By Allaboutthebass
      I bought this bass earlier this year to go alongside the other BB’s on my music room wall. However, following the arrival of my new bass the credit card company still want paying (fascists) so I need to generate some cash by selling the BB’s, my BB234 & BB425 have already gone. 😢
      Up next is my BB614, purchased earlier this year from Basschat's very own BB aficionado, Andy Travis.
      Its in great condition and plays really well.
      The only thing to note (see pictures) is there are some very light dark stains on the back of the neck. Clearly it doesn't effect the tone of the bass, but wanted to point it out.
      It also comes with a functional Soft Ritter Gig bag.
      Weight is approx 3.9 kg (on bathroom scales)
      Happy to answer any questions, or to provide more pic's if required. I can also drive up to 50 miles to deliver if preferred.
      Some say :-
      Active bass with classic tone
      The Yamaha BB614 Bass Guitar is an active 4-string bass guitar offering classic tone and style with active versatility.
      Yamaha has updated the original BB shape with active electronics. It retains all the quality features that made the original BB series so popular in the first place: attention to detail, quality construction, alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, rock-solid tuners, and vintage-style bridge.
      The Yamaha BB614 Bass Guitar Features: Construction: Bolt-on neck Scale Length: 864mm (34") Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 21 Large Radius: 250mm (10") Body: Alder Neck: Maple Tuners: Open type Bridge: Vintage Style Pickups: 2 Split single coil, 1 Soap bar single coil Pickup Switch: Pickup Balancer Controls: Speed Knobs for Master Volume, Balancer, Treble, Bass Mid Cut Frequency, Mid Cut On-Off Switch

    • By bassfan
      Edit: While there’s a bass for sale I would like to raise funds for on here all offers will be considered. Hit me up you never know! 
      Possible trades. 90s jap Fender p, j or pj in natural, Ashdown ABM600 (chrome finish)

      I have a very lovely example of a 1989 Yamaha Bb1100s for sale, in a very sought after white that’s aging nicely. This Bass really is lovely and in great condition for a 30yr old! Bought recently from @julesb of this very parish it’s cemented my love for PJ basses and this goes one step further being active/passive. It’s got a huge sound, nailing that P and with PJ selected it’s beautifully warm. It’s light weight, I’ll get a weight later, and very comfy to play with a nice slim j style neck . There’s a couple of marks nothing major at all and it’s all original. 
      I’ve just had it set up, new strings and comes with a lovely low action and functioning hard case. 
      I am happy to meet within a reasonable distance. I travel a bit so maybe near you soon! 
      I could now post at buyers cost, if you wish to arrange it .... 👍🏻
      Any questions hit me up! 

    • By howdenspur
      With some reluctance...oh pull yourself together man. I'm selling my Yamaha BB425X in black. It is in good condition with a few surface marks which are quite hard to pick up. It's a great bass, with a really great neck, the classic P/J pickup combo and Yamaha build quality. I'm only selling as I've decided that my bass playing future lies with 4 strings. Weight is a tad under 5kg or 10.9 lbs per my luggage scales. 
      I'd rather not post this but collection would be welcome and would also be open to a mutually convenient pickup location
      Thanks for looking!. 
    • By TJ Spicer
      Yamaha BEX4 £350 🔵
      A great semi-hollow body bass. I’m surprised that these don’t get more attention with the range of sounds this bass offers. Piezo, magnetic pickup, blend and a powerful active 3 band EQ can genuinely get it from old school to modern with ease. It’s lightweight with a broadly appealing neck profile, neither tiny nor huge. 
      The electronics have recently been re-soldered to ensure the bass is problem free for the foreseeable future. It comes with a hard-soft case, much like those provided with a Sadowsky. 
      The bass has some marks and an amount of surface scratching from the last owner, but these marks are only obvious under certain daylight lighting conditions. Sat on the wall without daylight directly on it, you’d have a hard time seeing them. 

      Collection, meet up or shipping all potentially available. 
      Thank you for looking! 

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