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Hey guys,

Happy new year! A couple of months back I got myself one of these (excuse poor photo quality, have misplaced my proper camera), the Ibanez PCBE12MH-OPN, brand new, for about £200 all in. I've already got an old Takamine G series semi-acoustic bass which I have used on tour, though found it to be difficult to play at the best of times, and have had other technical issues with it. Moreover, just the size of the thing is huge and made it difficult to play, so when I got the call to do a filmed acoustic gig, I thought I'd get something more playable for the occasion. 

This thing is just great. I find the acoustic bass market to be a difficult one, everything is either too cheap and of poor quality, or ridiculously expensive and still frankly difficult to play. On top of that, I was looking for a short scale, as, even though I'm a big guy, the long necks of I find absolutely laborious. I tried this one out in a show and was instantly impressed with how it plays, the ease of fretboard access, and the rich tone from it (strings supplied are Ibanez 80/20 bronze wound, 0.40-0.95). It being that much smaller makes all the difference, and unlike the Takamine (which still sounds great), I leave it out constantly to noodle about on when I can't be bothered to get my electrics plugged in. Intonation on the E string a bit off (which coincides with another thread I'm about to write concerning my Takamine - where best to get an acoustic bass set up, guitar shop or luthier?), but for £200, I just cannot believe how good this thing is. It's so useful for casual jams and get togethers, and I've yet to have any qualms about the electronics (touch mahogany-coated wood). All the reviews online seemed to be good as well, I'd highly recommend getting this one for your bedroom.

Does anyone else have one and what do they think? Or is there anything better for short scale ('32) that I didn't see?


Ibanez acoustic.jpg

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Been eyeing these up as of late, they look a great bass for the money with lots of good reviews etc . good to hear your getting on well with yours.

I’ve seen that Taylor do a nice looking short scale, however it’s about 3x the money.

thanks for the post 👍👍

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      Up for sale, my Ibanez BTB 1825. Excellent condition/as new.
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      35" scale bass with 19mm string spacing and a 47mm nut width.
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      The Godin ACS SA is a beautifully made semi-solid nylon-string electric guitar with synth access. Used acoustically it is loud enough for solo practice.

      The neck is like that of a regular classical guitar but less chunky, with a nut width of approximately 49mm (1.15/16in).

      The nylon-string output from the well-balanced piezo pickup under the compensated saddle is via a standard 1/4-inch jack and is controlled by a volume slider and 3-band EQ sliders with switchable mid frequency. Battery power consumption is extremely low.

      The guitar can also function as a synth controller when connected to a Roland or Axon guitar synth using the included 13-pin cable, through which it also draws power for the synth circuitry. The fourth slider controls synth volume, and the two push-buttons correspond to S1 and S2 in the Roland system. I used to have a guitar synth, and this guitar tracks far better than any add-on GK pickup I have used. If you don't want to use the synth function you can safely forget about it though! 

      It is currently strung with D'Addario Pro-Arté hard-tension strings. This does not make the guitar 'harder' to play - on the contrary, you can dig in more (especially with a plectrum) without causing buzzing and tuning issues. They could do with changing, but I am including a fresh set plus a set of Savarez strings as spares.

      I played this very guitar, with a plectrum, on this demo: Don't Speak solo

      Comes with thickly padded Tribal Planet gig bag (with neck support), instructions, correct Allen key for the truss rod, and Schaller strap locks to match the strap buttons on the guitar.

      There are a few minor scuffs and scratches, otherwise the photos give a good indication of the guitar's overall condition. The dots in the close-up pic of the bridge are tiny raindrops btw!

      Price is £625 £575 £525 collected from Swindon, Wiltshire. I can't offer courier delivery as I don't have a hard case so as to be able to insure against damage. However, I may be able to deliver to your home or workplace in person for a contribution towards my diesel costs - PM me with your location if you want to discuss this option. No trades thanks.

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