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Newtone and Fodera nickel roundwounds

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I’ve been experimenting with strings quite a lot recently and so have various sets available.  All with very light use, cut for 3 over 2 headstocks. 


i) "Platinum” Nickel on round cores, 38" long - 50/70/90/110/130 - £20

ii) "Platinum” Nickel on round cores, 38" long - 45/65/85/105/130 - £20.  These have been used through-body, but soft core means should be fine to put on a top load bass.

iii) “Diamond” Nickel on round cores - 55/70/90/110/135, low tension set with tapered low B – 38.5” string length.  G string was cut and fitted very briefly, but all others unused - £25

iv) NEW "Platinum" Steel roundwound - .130 gauge 37" length - £5


v) Nickel roundwounds, - 50/70/90/110/135 - 39.25" string length - £25.  Used through-body but round core so pliable.  Only on the bass for one day.

La Bella

vi) 2 x NEW La Bella nylon flats, one copper white and one white nylon - .043 gauge – XL scale length - £5 each or both for £8

Thanks for looking


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2 hours ago, largo said:

Do you know if the 38" scale on the La Bella's will work on a standard 34" bass?  

I would think it unlikely, but why not get a tape measure out and see where a 38" length would take you on the headstock?

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Hey Gareth

Which of these are still for sale?

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6 hours ago, TheGreek said:

Hey Gareth

Which of these are still for sale?

All of them :)

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