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EBS TD660 Amp Head + RM4 Footswitch + 2U Gator Case (PRICE DROP to £475)


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***** Price Drop to £475 plus postage*****

I'm selling my EBS TD-660 Amp Head, excellent condition.  

Included in this price is the EBS RM-4 Footswitch and a Gator 2 Unit Rack case, in which the Amp has always been safely stored.

It's a great amp, lots of headroom and the footswitch is a great addition and unlocks all the EQ and filter sections.

I am also selling an EBS Neoline 210 which I'll advertise separately, but that 210 Cabinet works perfectly with this head so you can get in touch if you want to get both.


The EBS site states:

"With 660W RMS pure output power, the EBS TD660 bass guitar amp head will always rock the house. It is a Tube/Solid State hybrid bass amp. The tube in the Drive section warms up the sound and adds a nice natural compression and character of a tube amp. The tube can be easily bypassed with the Tube Mode-button, which means if the tube breaks suddenly, you can use the amp safely by just disconnecting it. That gives you the option to run the head completely Solid State whenever you want too. The TD heads are very well-suited for major tours and are the most common EBS amps with backline rental companies."






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Price Drop to £475
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