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Sold: Traynor DynaBass DB800H 800 watt solid state head

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Made in Canada with huge transformers and top quality components. Extremely versatile and powerful. Runs speakers down to 2 ohms for multi speaker rigs. This amp has so much clean headroom where necessary but also has a switchable 12AX7 valve distortion channel with blend control to retain clean bass punch. Preamp can be switched from solid state to valve. Built in compression and resonance control to dial in feel from baggy to tight trouser flapping. Comes with touring grade 3U flight case. 23kg. Great 5 band EQ with parametric mid and scoop control. The best non-tube bass amp I’ve ever used but I’ve just bought a tube head so has to go. This 800 watt solid state head feels so much more powerful than the class D lightweights I’ve used and it’s definitely far more reliable. Check out the manual online for more spec and read the rave reviews. This was Traynor’s flagship bass amp and retailed at over £1000. In excellent condition. Happy to discuss postage or meeting up somewhere.


Photo 11-12-2017, 17 07 23.jpg

Photo 11-12-2017, 17 08 14.jpg

Photo 11-12-2017, 17 07 02.jpg

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item sold

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Here's a link to the page with manual and specs.


And some forum reviews... (not my opinions!)


I've got the original box as well so I can ship it within the UK. It'll be around £45 though as its heavy at 23kg including the flightcase.

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Price drop to £450 - this is a huge sounding Canadian made amp thats packed with features. Absolutely trounces any Class D head I've tried for sheer power. Built like a tank too so wont break down after a year or two of gigging.

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Hey Rich - I'm down in Cornwall but I could get it to Bath today if needs be or I'm happy to ship it to you. It's in a flightcase and i've got the original box which is solid.

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    • By Marky Screen
      Orange Terror Bass MK1
      Great tube pre/ss power head. Full of hairy grindy, tubey goodness and crazy loud for the power rating.
      Full 500w at either 4 or 8 Ohm switchable.
      a bit of cosmetic wear but otherwise good.
      Price includes UK postage.

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    • By alzamatt
      DB 680 in very good conditions
      The rolls roice of all the valve bass preamp 
      Just for pure bass sound intenditors. 
      1200  1100 EUROS Shipping included in EU

    • By ahpook
      I think it's fair to say you don't see many of these around any more, Trace Elliot's flagship all valve preamp, based on an Alembic design - it really is the bees knees when it comes to valve preamps.
      It sounds, as you can imagine, fantastic.
      It's in great condition, the worst thing about it as the somewhat cammed-out screws that hold the top cover on, but they work fine, they're just not very pretty. Some scratches on the top from being rack-mounted, but the fascia is in great nick.
      One unusual thing - it has two transformers, whereas I believe they we built originally with one. I have no idea why, but it works fine and has no noise issues. I can only assume it's been repaired at some point in the past. I bought it second hand and only found out about the extra transformer when I replaced the valves. It currently is fitted with EHX Gold 12AX7s which sound lovely. .
      Plenty of pictures below, but if you want any more, please get in touch.
      This is COLLECTION ONLY from my house in Tottenham.
      I will of course let you check it works OK, in an appropriate COVID-aware manner and part of you agreeing to buy it is that you abide by my rules for this. I will insist on masks, social distancing and so on.
      Thanks for looking.


    • By onehappybunny
      Great amp in excellent condition for only £300. Incredibly powerful, rich and punchy sound that is in total contrast to its size and weight.  Works really well with my TKS cabs (also for sale separately) for a powerful, lightweight rig. 
      Mainly used for rehearsals and practice at home (the footswitch is still in its bag unused!).  
      Discussed extensively here: 
      Any questions please ask. Collection from near Guildford preferred, but can post if needed.   

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