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Interesting FRFR story..

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I'm reminded of how Trace Elliot came to exist. they build PA systems and moved that approach into building highly capable bass rigs.

It's not their fault that everyone abused the pre shape and graphic.

That's when that whole hifi bass sound came from.

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On 29/05/2019 at 16:03, Greg Edwards69 said:

Update. Finally had the chance to use my Headrush FRFR-112 at a band rehearsal at the weekend with the Helix LT.  Result? Very happy.

It was just a 'technical' rehearsal with three of us as one of the guitarist and both vocalists weren't available.  So just guitarist, drums and me. The drummer had a new toy he wanted to try out too (roland drum pad and sampler thing). I needed to check the headrush was going to work, so seemed like an ideal opportunity to try these things out without interference.

I've mentioned before, we're not a loud band, and I previously used a single markbass 1x12 with a Carvin head running at [email protected]  Before the Helix arrived I had issues with boom and mud I just couldn't dial out.  It was much better with the helix's hpf engaged, but now with the headrush, much better. The low end is controlled, still fat and deep enough even at high volume. I had it set a volume I felt I would normally gig at and it was fine - didn't even break a sweat. As an experiment I turned up the wick to a sort of volume I'd never play at, and where my previous rig would get 'woolly'.  Again, absolutely fine.  The natural roll-off around 50hz really helped.  In fact, I was able to turn the hpf on the Helix (which I also had set at 50hz from before) off without negatively affecting the tone.

I found I prefer the tone of the Helix amp sims without a cab sim. To my ears, they just seem to kill the tone too much and don't 'feel' right (amp in the room syndrome perhaps).  The key is a high cut instead around 3-4khz to simulate a real bass cab roll off.  This, for me, more closely represents a DI from an amp going straight to the desk. Hopefully, this will translate nicely to FOH when we try that.

FWIW, I also tried my backup preamp, a Valetone Dapper Bass straight into the headrush.  Sounded fine. Sure, it's not as refined as the Helix, but it simulates a bass amp with 3 band eq and I'm sure it will get me out of a jam if need be. It may even suffice for the odd small gig with a short set where I need to travel light.

Both of the guitarists use a Helix as well, each through a Yamaha DXR10, so I tried my bass through that as well.  Not quite as deep but again, will get me out of a jam if the headrush fails. Likewise, my Headrush will be more than adequate to share as a backup to one of the Yamahas.

Lastly, as another experiment. I remembered the smaller headrush FRFR-108 rolls of the low end around 70hz, so I set the hpf to that frequency. More than adequate for rehearsal, so I'm almost tempted to pick one up for rehearsals and small low volume gigs.

Managed to find a secondhand headrush about 10 minutes drive away. Happy  now, will have to try with the ZOOM B1 Four. 

My new compact rig, bass + multi effect + headrush 🙂

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