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Low Power Valve amps, with desk assist

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Anyone here have experience of running a small low power valve amp such as a Blackstar HT5 direct to the desk in a live situation.  The both the combo and head have a speaker emulated output and the sales bumpf  suggests this can go straight to the desk, which would suggest I could use the combo and get assistance from the desk if it turned out to be underpowered in a live situation.  

On slightly higher powered amps like the Peavey 20W valve amps they describe the output as a  mic simulated DI , but I'm not sure whether the output Blackstar is equivalent.  

I guess the alternative would be to use something like a Vox AC4 and somehow DI via the extension cab output but I'm assuming that this will be way above line level? 


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I have used exactly the HT5 direct into desk and I think it is an emulated output. Works to a degree and sounds perfectly fine out front but you lose the feel on stage if it is loud enough to need desk support. I upgraded to the Fender Superchamp X2 (15w) to use in the same way, but that also underpowered at gig volumes, you just can't hear yourself properly, even with decent monitor wedges.

Then we went IEM and a completely different experience. Only played one gig like it but it felt amazing as you can control the gain on guitar to clean up or dirty up the signal and you get your sound at the right level in your ears. I still have the Superchamp and am pretty much on bass full time but if I was doing it again I would just use the Behringer V-amp or Pod pro or something and take a fully processed sound to the desk - I figure that if I have the ear pieces in and I am taking a feed prior to the speaker then I can't see the point of having the amp.

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When I used to play electric guitar in a band I sometimes did this with my Bluetone Pro30M combo. I would get a good sound on stage but if the venue was big and I wanted more spread of sound I would use the line out to the PA. It always sounded good.

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