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For sale (Feeler) is my Sandberg California I VM5 in purple burst. It was custom ordered by me, and took 8 months to arrive in my hands.
I really love this bass, superb construction, really nice sound, from growly and punchy to dark and smooth, you can get it all...
Will just sell it because need to make some cash for other things music non related...
I've replaced the tuners with the lightest version (aluminium) and it sits spot on without any neckdive
It is like new... no marks at all
Prices includes bag and postage,

[attachment=256523:2013-09-30 15.48.08_1024.jpg][attachment=256525:2013-09-30 15.50.24_1024.jpg]
[attachment=256526:2013-09-30 15.50.41_1024.jpg][attachment=256527:2013-09-30 15.51.04_1024.jpg]
[attachment=256524:2013-09-30 15.49.44_1024.jpg][attachment=256529:2013-09-30 15.52.28_1024.jpg]
[attachment=256530:2013-09-30 15.52.44_1024.jpg][attachment=256531:thumb_IMG_3311_1024.jpg]
[attachment=256528:2013-09-30 15.51.53_1024.jpg]

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