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Genzler Magellan 800 and 350 bass amplifiers

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Do you actually need an effects loop? Can't you just run any effects into the front end? 

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Good point. So far I have a limited set of pedals that probably would do great job before the preamp.

But I'm fairly new to bassplaying and I guess I will be spending the next few years experimenting with all kinds of sounds, effects etc.
My first instinct was to have all options open and not be limited by a new amp.
I simply dont know at this point if I need the fx-loop in the near future (or ever?). From other threads I see most bassists dont use the fx-loop, some use compressors or highpass filters in the fx-loop. 
So far I only used it to do some A/B tests with preamps.

I have to think about it, the 350 may be a good option for me afterall. Thanks!

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I should probably point out that I don't really use any effects myself other than occasional low gain drive, always on  compression and high pass filtering. All through the front end and I've never had any issues doing it this way. By all means experiment to see what works for you but my personal experience has taught me to leave the sexy and flashy effects to the guitarists and keys player, it might sound boring but I've found them to be mostly detrimental to the bass in a band situation. But see what works for you! 

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I bought a Magellan 350 unit, connected to a VanderKley 210 MNT cab.

I tested it in my home studio, and didnt feel the need to move the master pot any further than 9 o'clock. Darn, this is a loud amp.
Ok ok, I admit, I tested it also at louder volumes.....  it was EXTREMELY LOUD !!!!
So why would you ever need the 800 version? Not for the volume is it? My cab is efficient, but not extremely efficient. It didnt sound nice at high volumes though but that probably has more to do with the acoustics in my room.

Now the manual states that when contour is off, the amp should have a flat response.
With the contour pot in the left position (that is contour off is it?), and EQ all in the middle, it doesnt sound flat at all: there is a lot of wooly bass.
I have to turn the bass to about 9 o'clock to have a balanced bass sound all over the frequency spectrum.
Strange, I have a glockenklang and H+K bassbase600, always running the bass EQ a few db plus, and same was for the GK MB500 and Markbass amps I tested recently.

This woolyness is a bit of an issue, I have a few pre-amps here I would like to check on  a flat amp, and the 350 has no FX inputs so I need to use the line in.
Dont know what to trust anymore. Maybe I need to do some checks at DI level first to see what is going on.

I can confirm the background noise is just fine, as reported earlier in this thread.
The fan is audible, but you can hear they did their best to minimise the airflow noise. Sounds ok to me.


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Well, the DI sounds fine. This is a great amp!

And the woolyness seems to be not much of an issue anymore. I finally did put the last acoustic panels on the walls and corners, and that really improves the sound in my room.  Could be that changed it for the better, but it might as well be my ears are playing tricks on me after all the cab and amp switching. I was playing last half hour on a p-bass with the bass setting at 0, just fun having playing and totally forgot about comparisons anymore. :)

Now, at high volumes, my VanderKley 210 MNT cab is still not sounding nice. It is a 8 ohm cab, and Genzler did specify "only" 175 watt for 8 ohms.
Is it possible the amp is at its limits at about 12-1 o'clock and causing some distortion? Would that be the reason to go for the 800, more headroom?


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On 26/03/2019 at 02:06, TonyMontana said:

ah, so there is a catch afterall...

I thought the MG350 was just a power-scaled down version, which is nice because I only will be using it in my home studio.

And I was about to order it.

But now I see it lacks fx-send/return.
Grrr.....🙁.... MG800 cost 400 EUR extra, dont need/want that power....


Any alternatives ? (500 EUR range, dead silent)


Hello, Tecamppuma 500 is a great option for that. Thank you.

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